Lesson: Working with Text APIs

This lesson introduces you to the concept of working with text API’s to apply text rendering capabilities. Already in this trail, you have used basic Java 2D text APIs and know how to set a font and position, and how to draw text.

This lesson expands on that material to help you develop an understanding of how to use those APIs and moves further into the capabilities of Java 2D text display.

These topics are discussed in the following sections.

Physical and Logical Fonts
This section explains how to use the methods of the Font class to determine which fonts are available on your system, to create a Font object, and obtain information about a font family.
Measuring Text
This section explains how to properly measure text by using an instance of the FontMetrics class.
Advanced Text Display
This section explains how to position and render a paragraph of styled text, display antialiased text, use text attributes to style text, and work with bidirectional text.