Providing a Default Argument

Arguments are passed to Java applications when an application is started. Self-contained applications can be set up with a default argument that is used when no argument is specified. The <fx:argument> element is used to define the argument. More than one argument can be passed by adding an <fx:argument> element for each argument. See <fx:argument> for information about this element.

The File Association Demo described in Using File Associations is set up use the name of one of the sample files that is bundled with the application as the default argument.

The following code in the <fx:deploy> task in the build.xml file shows how the default argument is defined:

<fx:application id="fileassociationdemo"
                name="File Association Demo"

See build.xml for the complete build code.

You can download the source files for the File Association Demo from Self-Contained Application Examples.

Additional Resources

For more information about default arguments, see Passing Arguments to a Self-Contained Application .

For more information about JavaFX Ant arguments, see JavaFX Ant Task Reference .