Questions and Exercises: Java Web Start


  • In a link that is to run a Java Web Start application, which file is specified as the a tag's href attribute?

  • Which MIME type must a Web server recognize in order for it to host Java Web Start applications?

  • In an application's JNLP file, which two elements must be specified within the resources element?

  • Which interface provides the ability to control how the Java Web Start application's resources are cached?

  • BasicService

    • DownloadService

    • PersistenceService

    • ExtendedService

  • True or False: Java Web Start applications run in a secure sandbox by default.

  • True or False: If a Java Web Start application is running in a secure sandbox, JAR files for the application can reside on different servers.

  • For a Java Web Start application to support operations outside of the secure sandbox, what must you do?


  • Write the XML code you would add to a JNLP file in order to request that the application have complete access to the client system.

  • For a Java Web Start application, you have two icons, one.gif and two.gif , in the images directory in a JAR file. Write the application code you would use to access these images.

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