Questions and Exercises: Annotations


  • What is wrong with the following interface?
public interface House {
    void open();
    void openFrontDoor();
    void openBackDoor();
  • Consider this implementation of the House interface, shown in Question 1.
public class MyHouse implements House {
    public void open() {}
    public void openFrontDoor() {}
    public void openBackDoor() {}

If you compile this program, the compiler produces a warning because open was deprecated (in the interface). What can you do to get rid of that warning?

  • Will the following code compile without error? Why or why not?
public @interface Meal { ... }

@Meal("breakfast", mainDish="cereal")
@Meal("lunch", mainDish="pizza")
@Meal("dinner", mainDish="salad")
public void evaluateDiet() { ... }


  • Define an annotation type for an enhancement request with elements id , synopsis , engineer , and date . Specify the default value as unassigned for engineer and unknown for date.

Check your answers.