20.2.3 Methods of Installing

The method you use to install InnoDB cluster depends on the type of deployment you intend to use. For a sandbox deployment install the components of InnoDB cluster to a single machine. A sandbox deployment is local to a single machine, therefore the install needs to only be done once on the local machine. Similarly there is no need to connect to the instances individually for configuration, the sandbox instances are local. For a production deployment install the components to each machine that you intend to add to your cluster. A production deployment uses multiple remote host machines running MySQL server instances, so you need to connect to each machine using a tool such as SSH or Windows remote desktop to carry out tasks such as installing components and configuring the server instance. The following methods of installing InnoDB cluster are available:

Once you have installed the software required by InnoDB cluster choose to follow either Section 20.2.4, “Sandbox Deployment of InnoDB Cluster” or Section 20.2.5, “Production Deployment of InnoDB Cluster”.