25.12.1 Performance Schema Table Index

The following table lists each Performance Schema table and provides a short description of each one.

Table 25.1 Performance Schema Tables

Table Name Description
accounts Connection statistics per client account
cond_instances synchronization object instances
events_stages_current Current stage events
events_stages_history Most recent stage events per thread
events_stages_history_long Most recent stage events overall
events_stages_summary_by_account_by_event_name Stage events per account and event name
events_stages_summary_by_host_by_event_name Stage events per host name and event name
events_stages_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Stage waits per thread and event name
events_stages_summary_by_user_by_event_name Stage events per user name and event name
events_stages_summary_global_by_event_name Stage waits per event name
events_statements_current Current statement events
events_statements_history Most recent statement events per thread
events_statements_history_long Most recent statement events overall
events_statements_summary_by_account_by_event_name Statement events per account and event name
events_statements_summary_by_digest Statement events per schema and digest value
events_statements_summary_by_host_by_event_name Statement events per host name and event name
events_statements_summary_by_program Statement events per stored program
events_statements_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Statement events per thread and event name
events_statements_summary_by_user_by_event_name Statement events per user name and event name
events_statements_summary_global_by_event_name Statement events per event name
events_transactions_current Current transaction events
events_transactions_history Most recent transaction events per thread
events_transactions_history_long Most recent transaction events overall
events_transactions_summary_by_account_by_event_name Transaction events per account and event name
events_transactions_summary_by_host_by_event_name Transaction events per host name and event name
events_transactions_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Transaction events per thread and event name
events_transactions_summary_by_user_by_event_name Transaction events per user name and event name
events_transactions_summary_global_by_event_name Transaction events per event name
events_waits_current Current wait events
events_waits_history Most recent wait events per thread
events_waits_history_long Most recent wait events overall
events_waits_summary_by_account_by_event_name Wait events per account and event name
events_waits_summary_by_host_by_event_name Wait events per host name and event name
events_waits_summary_by_instance Wait events per instance
events_waits_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Wait events per thread and event name
events_waits_summary_by_user_by_event_name Wait events per user name and event name
events_waits_summary_global_by_event_name Wait events per event name
file_instances File instances
file_summary_by_event_name File events per event name
file_summary_by_instance File events per file instance
global_status Global status variables
global_variables Global system variables
host_cache Information from the internal host cache
hosts Connection statistics per client host name
memory_summary_by_account_by_event_name Memory operations per account and event name
memory_summary_by_host_by_event_name Memory operations per host and event name
memory_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Memory operations per thread and event name
memory_summary_by_user_by_event_name Memory operations per user and event name
memory_summary_global_by_event_name Memory operations globally per event name
metadata_locks Metadata locks and lock requests
mutex_instances Mutex synchronization object instances
objects_summary_global_by_type Object summaries
performance_timers Which event timers are available
prepared_statements_instances Prepared statement instances and statistics
replication_applier_configuration Configuration parameters for the transaction applier on the replica
replication_applier_status Current status of the transaction applier on the replica
replication_applier_status_by_coordinator SQL or coordinator thread applier status
replication_applier_status_by_worker Worker thread applier status (empty unless replica is multithreaded)
replication_connection_configuration Configuration parameters for connecting to the source
replication_connection_status Current status of the connection to the source
rwlock_instances Lock synchronization object instances
session_account_connect_attrs Connection attributes per for the current session
session_connect_attrs Connection attributes for all sessions
session_status Status variables for current session
session_variables System variables for current session
setup_actors How to initialize monitoring for new foreground threads
setup_consumers Consumers for which event information can be stored
setup_instruments Classes of instrumented objects for which events can be collected
setup_objects Which objects should be monitored
setup_timers Current event timer
socket_instances Active connection instances
socket_summary_by_event_name Socket waits and I/O per event name
socket_summary_by_instance Socket waits and I/O per instance
status_by_account Session status variables per account
status_by_host Session status variables per host name
status_by_thread Session status variables per session
status_by_user Session status variables per user name
table_handles Table locks and lock requests
table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage Table I/O waits per index
table_io_waits_summary_by_table Table I/O waits per table
table_lock_waits_summary_by_table Table lock waits per table
threads Information about server threads
user_variables_by_thread User-defined variables per thread
users Connection statistics per client user name
variables_by_thread Session system variables per session