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Module ngx_http_f4f_module

The ngx_http_f4f_module module provides server-side support for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

This module implements handling of HTTP Dynamic Streaming requests in the “/videoSeg1-Frag1” form — extracting the needed fragment from the videoSeg1.f4f file using the videoSeg1.f4x index file. This module is an alternative to the Adobe’s f4f module (HTTP Origin Module) for Apache.

Usual pre-processing with Adobe’s f4fpackager is required, see relevant documentation for details.

This module is available as part of our commercial subscription .

Example Configuration

location /video/ {


Syntax: f4f;
Context: location

Turns on module processing in the surrounding location.

Syntax: f4f_buffer_size size;
f4f_buffer_size 512k;
Context: http, server, location

Sets the size of the buffer used for reading the .f4x index file.