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Configuration file measurement units

Sizes can be specified in bytes, kilobytes (suffixes k and K) or megabytes (suffixes m and M), for example, “1024”, “8k”, “1m”.

Offsets may be also specified in gigabytes using g or G suffixes.

Time intervals can be specified in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on, using the following suffixes:

ms milliseconds
s seconds
m minutes
h hours
d days
w weeks
M months, 30 days
y years, 365 days

Multiple units can be combined in a single value by specifying them in the order from the most to the least significant, and optionally separated by whitespace. For example, “1h 30m” specifies the same time as “90m” or “5400s”. A value without a suffix means seconds. It is recommended to always specify a suffix.

Some of the time intervals can be specified only with a seconds resolution.