Configuration file measurement units

Sizes can be specified in bytes, kilobytes (suffixes k and K ) or megabytes (suffixes m and M ), for example, “ 1024 ”, “ 8k ”, “ 1m ”.

Offsets may be also specified in gigabytes using g or G suffixes.

Time intervals can be specified in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on, using the following suffixes:

Mmonths, 30 days
yyears, 365 days

Multiple units can be combined in a single value by specifying them in the order from the most to the least significant, and optionally separated by whitespace. For example, “ 1h 30m ” specifies the same time as “ 90m ” or “ 5400s ”. A value without a suffix means seconds. It is recommended to always specify a suffix.

Some of the time intervals can be specified only with a seconds resolution.