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Additional Resources

These are just some of the awesome front-ends, utilities, libraries and resources created by the OpenTSDB community. Please let us know if you have a project you'd like to see listed and if you don't see something you need, search for it on Github (new projects are popping up all the time) or your favorite search engine.


Docker Images

  • petergrace/opentsdb-docker - A prebuilt Docker image with HBase and OpenTSDB already configured and ready to run! If you have Docker installed, execute docker run -d -p 4242:4242 petergrace/opentsdb-docker to create an opentsdb instance running on port 4242.
  • opower/opentsdb - A Docker image containing OpenTSDB, HBase, and tcollector. Comes in both 2.0.1 and 2.1 versions (latest defaults to 2.1). Execute docker run -d -p 4242:4242 opower/opentsdb to create an OpenTSDB instance running on port 4242.

Front Ends

  • Status Wolf - A PHP and MySQL based dashboard for creating and storing dynamic custom graphs with OpenTSDB data including anonmaly detection.
  • Metrilyx - A Python and Django based dashboard system with dynamic graphs from Ticketmaster.
  • Opentsdb-Dashboard - An HBase based dashboard system for OpenTSDB 1.x from Clover.
  • TSDash - A Java based UI and dashboard from Facebook.
  • OpenTSDB Dashboard - A JQuery based dashboard from Turn.
  • Grafana - A dashboard and graph editor with OpenTSDB support.
  • Graphite OpenTSDB Finder - A Graphite plugin to load TSDB data.



  • R Client - A client to pull data from OpenTSDB into R.
  • Erlang Client - A simple client to publish data to a TSD from Erlang.
  • time-series - A Ruby client that supports both reading and writing to OpenTSDB 2.x - contains support for synthetic time series calculations.
  • Ruby - A read-only client for querying data from the 1.x API.
  • Ruby A write-only client for pushing data to a TSD.
  • Go - Work with OpenTSDB data in Go.
  • Potsdb - A Python client for writing data.
  • vert.x OpenTsDb - A library to write data to OpenTSDB from Vert.x.

References to OpenTSDB

Statistical Analysis Tools

  • GnuPlot - Graphing library used by OpenTSDB
  • R - Statistical computing framework
  • SciPy - Python libraries for dealing with numbers (Pandas library has time series support)