36.45. sql_languages

The table sql_languages contains one row for each SQL language binding that is supported by PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL supports direct SQL and embedded SQL in C; that is all you will learn from this table.

This table was removed from the SQL standard in SQL:2008, so there are no entries referring to standards later than SQL:2003.

Table 36.43. sql_languages Columns

NameData TypeDescription
sql_language_sourcecharacter_dataThe name of the source of the language definition; always ISO 9075 , that is, the SQL standard
sql_language_yearcharacter_dataThe year the standard referenced in sql_language_source was approved.
sql_language_conformancecharacter_dataThe standard conformance level for the language binding. For ISO 9075:2003 this is always CORE .
sql_language_integritycharacter_dataAlways null (This value is relevant to an earlier version of the SQL standard.)
sql_language_implementationcharacter_dataAlways null
sql_language_binding_stylecharacter_dataThe language binding style, either DIRECT or EMBEDDED
sql_language_programming_languagecharacter_dataThe programming language, if the binding style is EMBEDDED , else null. PostgreSQL only supports the language C.