9. System Requirements

By default, Spring Boot 1.5.9.RELEASE requires Java 7 and Spring Framework 4.3.13.RELEASE or above. You can use Spring Boot with Java 6 with some additional configuration. See Section 84.11, “How to use Java 6” for more details. Explicit build support is provided for Maven (3.2+), and Gradle 2 (2.9 or later) and 3.


Although you can use Spring Boot with Java 6 or 7, we generally recommend Java 8 if at all possible.

9.1 Servlet containers

The following embedded servlet containers are supported out of the box:

NameServlet VersionJava Version
Tomcat 83.1Java 7+
Tomcat 73.0Java 6+
Jetty 9.33.1Java 8+
Jetty 9.23.1Java 7+
Jetty 83.0Java 6+
Undertow 1.33.1Java 7+

You can also deploy Spring Boot applications to any Servlet 3.0+ compatible container.