17. External Configuration: Archaius

Archaius is the Netflix client-side configuration library. It is the library used by all of the Netflix OSS components for configuration. Archaius is an extension of the Apache Commons Configuration project. It allows updates to configuration by either polling a source for changes or by letting a source push changes to the client. Archaius uses Dynamic<Type>Property classes as handles to properties, as shown in the following example:

Archaius Example.

class ArchaiusTest {
    DynamicStringProperty myprop = DynamicPropertyFactory

    void doSomething() {

Archaius has its own set of configuration files and loading priorities. Spring applications should generally not use Archaius directly, but the need to configure the Netflix tools natively remains. Spring Cloud has a Spring Environment Bridge so that Archaius can read properties from the Spring Environment. This bridge allows Spring Boot projects to use the normal configuration toolchain while letting them configure the Netflix tools as documented (for the most part).