Part XIII. Spring Cloud for Cloud Foundry

Spring Cloud for Cloudfoundry makes it easy to run Spring Cloud apps in Cloud Foundry (the Platform as a Service). Cloud Foundry has the notion of a "service", which is middlware that you "bind" to an app, essentially providing it with an environment variable containing credentials (e.g. the location and username to use for the service).

The spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-commons module configures the Reactor-based Cloud Foundry Java client, v 3.0, and can be used standalone.

The spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-web project provides basic support for some enhanced features of webapps in Cloud Foundry: binding automatically to single-sign-on services and optionally enabling sticky routing for discovery.

The spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-discovery project provides an implementation of Spring Cloud Commons DiscoveryClient so you can @EnableDiscoveryClient and provide your credentials as[username,password] (also *.url if you are not connecting to Pivotal Web Services ) and then you can use the DiscoveryClient directly or via a LoadBalancerClient .

The first time you use it the discovery client might be slow owing to the fact that it has to get an access token from Cloud Foundry.