106. Configure PropertySourceLocator behavior

Spring Cloud Vault uses property-based configuration to create PropertySource s for generic and discovered secret backends.

Discovered backends provide VaultSecretBackendDescriptor beans to describe the configuration state to use secret backend as PropertySource . A SecretBackendMetadataFactory is required to create a SecretBackendMetadata object which contains path, name and property transformation configuration.

SecretBackendMetadata is used to back a particular PropertySource .

You can register an arbitrary number of beans implementing VaultConfigurer for customization. Default generic and discovered backend registration is disabled if Spring Cloud Vault discovers at least one VaultConfigurer bean. You can however enable default registration with SecretBackendConfigurer.registerDefaultGenericSecretBackends() and SecretBackendConfigurer.registerDefaultDiscoveredSecretBackends() .

public class CustomizationBean implements VaultConfigurer {

    public void addSecretBackends(SecretBackendConfigurer configurer) {



All customization is required to happen in the bootstrap context. Add your configuration classes to META-INF/spring.factories at org.springframework.cloud.bootstrap.BootstrapConfiguration in your application.