42. Spring Security Dependencies

This appendix provides a reference of the modules in Spring Security and the additional dependencies that they require in order to function in a running application. We don’t include dependencies that are only used when building or testing Spring Security itself. Nor do we include transitive dependencies which are required by external dependencies.

The version of Spring required is listed on the project website, so the specific versions are omitted for Spring dependencies below. Note that some of the dependencies listed as "optional" below may still be required for other non-security functionality in a Spring application. Also dependencies listed as "optional" may not actually be marked as such in the project’s Maven POM files if they are used in most applications. They are "optional" only in the sense that you don’t need them unless you are using the specified functionality.

Where a module depends on another Spring Security module, the non-optional dependencies of the module it depends on are also assumed to be required and are not listed separately.

42.1 spring-security-core

The core module must be included in any project using Spring Security.

Table 42.1. Core Dependencies

aopalliance1.0Required for method security implementation.
ehcache1.6.2Required if the Ehcache-based user cache implementation is used (optional).
spring-aop Method security is based on Spring AOP
spring-beans Required for Spring configuration
spring-expression Required for expression-based method security (optional)
spring-jdbc Required if using a database to store user data (optional).
spring-tx Required if using a database to store user data (optional).
aspectjrt1.6.10Required if using AspectJ support (optional).
jsr250-api1.0Required if you are using JSR-250 method-security annotations (optional).

42.2 spring-security-remoting

This module is typically required in web applications which use the Servlet API.

Table 42.2. Remoting Dependencies

spring-web Required for clients which use HTTP remoting support.

42.3 spring-security-web

This module is typically required in web applications which use the Servlet API.

Table 42.3. Web Dependencies

spring-web Spring web support classes are used extensively.
spring-jdbc Required for JDBC-based persistent remember-me token repository (optional).
spring-tx Required by remember-me persistent token repository implementations (optional).

42.4 spring-security-ldap

This module is only required if you are using LDAP authentication.

Table 42.4. LDAP Dependencies

spring-ldap-core1.3.0LDAP support is based on Spring LDAP.
spring-tx Data exception classes are required.
apache-ds [1]1.5.5Required if you are using an embedded LDAP server (optional).
shared-ldap0.9.15Required if you are using an embedded LDAP server (optional).
ldapsdk4.1Mozilla LdapSDK. Used for decoding LDAP password policy controls if you are using password-policy functionality with OpenLDAP, for example.
[1]The modules apacheds-core , apacheds-core-entry , apacheds-protocol-shared , apacheds-protocol-ldap and apacheds-server-jndi are required.

42.5 spring-security-config

This module is required if you are using Spring Security namespace configuration.

Table 42.5. Config Dependencies

spring-security-web Required if you are using any web-related namespace configuration (optional).
spring-security-ldap Required if you are using the LDAP namespace options (optional).
spring-security-openid Required if you are using OpenID authentication (optional).
aspectjweaver1.6.10Required if using the protect-pointcut namespace syntax (optional).

42.6 spring-security-acl

The ACL module.

Table 42.6. ACL Dependencies

ehcache1.6.2Required if the Ehcache-based ACL cache implementation is used (optional if you are using your own implementation).
spring-jdbc Required if you are using the default JDBC-based AclService (optional if you implement your own).
spring-tx Required if you are using the default JDBC-based AclService (optional if you implement your own).

42.7 spring-security-cas

The CAS module provides integration with JA-SIG CAS.

Table 42.7. CAS Dependencies

cas-client-core3.1.12The JA-SIG CAS Client. This is the basis of the Spring Security integration.
ehcache1.6.2Required if you are using the Ehcache-based ticket cache (optional).

42.8 spring-security-openid

The OpenID module.

Table 42.8. OpenID Dependencies

openid4java-nodeps0.9.6Spring Security’s OpenID integration uses OpenID4Java.
httpclient4.1.1openid4java-nodeps depends on HttpClient 4.
guice2.0openid4java-nodeps depends on Guice 2.

42.9 spring-security-taglibs

Provides Spring Security’s JSP tag implementations.

Table 42.9. Taglib Dependencies

spring-security-acl Required if you are using the accesscontrollist tag or hasPermission() expressions with ACLs (optional).
spring-expression Required if you are using SPEL expressions in your tag access constraints.