4. Spring Session Modules

In Spring Session 1.x all of the Spring Session’s SessionRepository implementations were available within the spring-session artifact. While convenient, this approach wasn’t sustainable long-term as more features and SessionRepository implementations were added to the project.

Starting with Spring Session 2.0, the project has been split up to Spring Session Core module, and several other modules that carry SessionRepository implementations and functionality related to the specific data store. The users of Spring Data will find this arrangement familiar, with Spring Session Core module taking a role equivalent to Spring Data Commons and providing core functionalities and APIs with other modules containing data store specific implementations. As a part of this split, the Spring Session Data MongoDB and Spring Session Data GemFire modules were moved to separate repositories so the situation with project’s repositories/modules is a follows:

Finally, Spring Session now also provides a Maven BOM (as in "bill of materials") module in order to help users with version management concerns: