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Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. It features solid transaction support, relations, eager and lazy loading, read replication and more.

Sequelize follows SEMVER. Supports Node v6 and above to use ES6 features.

Sequelize v5 was released on March 13, 2019. Official TypeScript typings are now included.

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Quick example

const { Sequelize, Model, DataTypes } = require('sequelize');
const sequelize = new Sequelize('sqlite::memory:');

class User extends Model {}
  username: DataTypes.STRING,
  birthday: DataTypes.DATE
}, { sequelize, modelName: 'user' });

  .then(() => User.create({
    username: 'janedoe',
    birthday: new Date(1980, 6, 20)
  .then(jane => {

To learn more about how to use Sequelize, read the tutorials available in the left menu. Begin with Getting Started.

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