Module Index

Below is a list of all of the modules that come as part of the Apache HTTP Server distribution. See also the complete alphabetical list of all Apache HTTP Server directives.

Core Features and Multi-Processing Modules

  • core
    Core Apache HTTP Server features that are always available

  • mpm_common
    A collection of directives that are implemented by more than one multi-processing module (MPM)

  • event
    A variant of the worker MPM with the goal of consuming threads only for connections with active processing

  • mpm_netware
    Multi-Processing Module implementing an exclusively threaded web server optimized for Novell NetWare

  • mpmt_os2
    Hybrid multi-process, multi-threaded MPM for OS/2

  • prefork
    Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server

  • mpm_winnt
    Multi-Processing Module optimized for Windows NT.

  • worker
    Multi-Processing Module implementing a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server

Other Modules

  • mod_access_compat
    Group authorizations based on host (name or IP address)

  • mod_actions
    Execute CGI scripts based on media type or request method.

  • mod_alias
    Provides for mapping different parts of the host filesystem in the document tree and for URL redirection

  • mod_allowmethods
    Easily restrict what HTTP methods can be used on the server

  • mod_asis
    Sends files that contain their own HTTP headers

  • mod_auth_basic
    Basic HTTP authentication

  • mod_auth_digest
    User authentication using MD5 Digest Authentication

  • mod_auth_form
    Form authentication

  • mod_authn_anon
    Allows "anonymous" user access to authenticated areas

  • mod_authn_core
    Core Authentication

  • mod_authn_dbd
    User authentication using an SQL database

  • mod_authn_dbm
    User authentication using DBM files

  • mod_authn_file
    User authentication using text files

  • mod_authn_socache
    Manages a cache of authentication credentials to relieve the load on backends

  • mod_authnz_fcgi
    Allows a FastCGI authorizer application to handle Apache httpd authentication and authorization

  • mod_authnz_ldap
    Allows an LDAP directory to be used to store the database for HTTP Basic authentication.

  • mod_authz_core
    Core Authorization

  • mod_authz_dbd
    Group Authorization and Login using SQL

  • mod_authz_dbm
    Group authorization using DBM files

  • mod_authz_groupfile
    Group authorization using plaintext files

  • mod_authz_host
    Group authorizations based on host (name or IP address)

  • mod_authz_owner
    Authorization based on file ownership

  • mod_authz_user
    User Authorization

  • mod_autoindex
    Generates directory indexes, automatically, similar to the Unix ls command or the Win32 dir shell command

  • mod_brotli
    Compress content via Brotli before it is delivered to the client

  • mod_buffer
    Support for request buffering

  • mod_cache
    RFC 2616 compliant HTTP caching filter.

  • mod_cache_disk
    Disk based storage module for the HTTP caching filter.

  • mod_cache_socache
    Shared object cache (socache) based storage module for the HTTP caching filter.

  • mod_cern_meta
    CERN httpd metafile semantics

  • mod_cgi
    Execution of CGI scripts

  • mod_cgid
    Execution of CGI scripts using an external CGI daemon

  • mod_charset_lite
    Specify character set translation or recoding

  • mod_data
    Convert response body into an RFC2397 data URL

  • mod_dav
    Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) functionality

  • mod_dav_fs
    Filesystem provider for mod_dav

  • mod_dav_lock
    Generic locking module for mod_dav

  • mod_dbd
    Manages SQL database connections

  • mod_deflate
    Compress content before it is delivered to the client

  • mod_dialup
    Send static content at a bandwidth rate limit, defined by the various old modem standards

  • mod_dir
    Provides for "trailing slash" redirects and serving directory index files

  • mod_dumpio
    Dumps all I/O to error log as desired.

  • mod_echo
    A simple echo server to illustrate protocol modules

  • mod_env
    Modifies the environment which is passed to CGI scripts and SSI pages

  • mod_example_hooks
    Illustrates the Apache module API

  • mod_expires
    Generation of Expires and Cache-Control HTTP headers according to user-specified criteria

  • mod_ext_filter
    Pass the response body through an external program before delivery to the client

  • mod_file_cache
    Caches a static list of files in memory

  • mod_filter
    Context-sensitive smart filter configuration module

  • mod_headers
    Customization of HTTP request and response headers

  • mod_heartbeat
    Sends messages with server status to frontend proxy

  • mod_heartmonitor
    Centralized monitor for mod_heartbeat origin servers

  • mod_http2
    Support for the HTTP/2 transport layer

  • mod_ident
    RFC 1413 ident lookups

  • mod_imagemap
    Server-side imagemap processing

  • mod_include
    Server-parsed html documents (Server Side Includes)

  • mod_info
    Provides a comprehensive overview of the server configuration

  • mod_isapi
    ISAPI Extensions within Apache for Windows

  • mod_lbmethod_bybusyness
    Pending Request Counting load balancer scheduler algorithm for mod_proxy_balancer

  • mod_lbmethod_byrequests
    Request Counting load balancer scheduler algorithm for mod_proxy_balancer

  • mod_lbmethod_bytraffic
    Weighted Traffic Counting load balancer scheduler algorithm for mod_proxy_balancer

  • mod_lbmethod_heartbeat
    Heartbeat Traffic Counting load balancer scheduler algorithm for mod_proxy_balancer

  • mod_ldap
    LDAP connection pooling and result caching services for use by other LDAP modules

  • mod_log_config
    Logging of the requests made to the server

  • mod_log_debug
    Additional configurable debug logging

  • mod_log_forensic
    Forensic Logging of the requests made to the server

  • mod_logio
    Logging of input and output bytes per request

  • mod_lua
    Provides Lua hooks into various portions of the httpd request processing

  • mod_macro
    Provides macros within apache httpd runtime configuration files

  • mod_md
    Managing domains across virtual hosts, certificate provisioning via the ACME protocol

  • mod_mime
    Associates the requested filename's extensions with the file's behavior (handlers and filters) and content (mime-type, language, character set and encoding)

  • mod_mime_magic
    Determines the MIME type of a file by looking at a few bytes of its contents

  • mod_negotiation
    Provides for content negotiation

  • mod_nw_ssl
    Enable SSL encryption for NetWare

  • mod_privileges
    Support for Solaris privileges and for running virtual hosts under different user IDs.

  • mod_proxy
    Multi-protocol proxy/gateway server

  • mod_proxy_ajp
    AJP support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_balancer
    mod_proxy extension for load balancing

  • mod_proxy_connect
    mod_proxy extension for CONNECT request handling

  • mod_proxy_express
    Dynamic mass reverse proxy extension for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_fcgi
    FastCGI support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_fdpass
    fdpass external process support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_ftp
    FTP support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_hcheck
    Dynamic health check of Balancer members (workers) for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_html
    Rewrite HTML links in to ensure they are addressable from Clients' networks in a proxy context.

  • mod_proxy_http
    HTTP support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_http2
    HTTP/2 support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_scgi
    SCGI gateway module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_uwsgi
    UWSGI gateway module for mod_proxy

  • mod_proxy_wstunnel
    Websockets support module for mod_proxy

  • mod_ratelimit
    Bandwidth Rate Limiting for Clients

  • mod_reflector
    Reflect a request body as a response via the output filter stack.

  • mod_remoteip
    Replaces the original client IP address for the connection with the useragent IP address list presented by a proxies or a load balancer via the request headers.

  • mod_reqtimeout
    Set timeout and minimum data rate for receiving requests

  • mod_request
    Filters to handle and make available HTTP request bodies

  • mod_rewrite
    Provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly

  • mod_sed
    Filter Input (request) and Output (response) content using sed syntax

  • mod_session
    Session support

  • mod_session_cookie
    Cookie based session support

  • mod_session_crypto
    Session encryption support

  • mod_session_dbd
    DBD/SQL based session support

  • mod_setenvif
    Allows the setting of environment variables based on characteristics of the request

  • mod_slotmem_plain
    Slot-based shared memory provider.

  • mod_slotmem_shm
    Slot-based shared memory provider.

  • mod_so
    Loading of executable code and modules into the server at start-up or restart time

  • mod_socache_dbm
    DBM based shared object cache provider.

  • mod_socache_dc
    Distcache based shared object cache provider.

  • mod_socache_memcache
    Memcache based shared object cache provider.

  • mod_socache_redis
    Redis based shared object cache provider.

  • mod_socache_shmcb
    shmcb based shared object cache provider.

  • mod_speling
    Attempts to correct mistaken URLs by ignoring capitalization, or attempting to correct various minor misspellings.

  • mod_ssl
    Strong cryptography using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols

  • mod_status
    Provides information on server activity and performance

  • mod_substitute
    Perform search and replace operations on response bodies

  • mod_suexec
    Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group

  • mod_unique_id
    Provides an environment variable with a unique identifier for each request

  • mod_unixd
    Basic (required) security for Unix-family platforms.

  • mod_userdir
    User-specific directories

  • mod_usertrack
    Clickstream logging of user activity on a site

  • mod_version
    Version dependent configuration

  • mod_vhost_alias
    Provides for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting

  • mod_watchdog
    provides infrastructure for other modules to periodically run tasks

  • mod_xml2enc
    Enhanced charset/internationalisation support for libxml2-based filter modules

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