Server and Supporting Programs

This page documents all the executable programs included with the Apache HTTP Server.


  • httpd
    Apache hypertext transfer protocol server

  • apachectl
    Apache HTTP server control interface

  • ab
    Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

  • apxs
    APache eXtenSion tool

  • configure
    Configure the source tree

  • dbmmanage
    Create and update user authentication files in DBM format for basic authentication

  • fcgistarter
    Start a FastCGI program

  • htcacheclean
    Clean up the disk cache

  • htdigest
    Create and update user authentication files for digest authentication

  • htdbm
    Manipulate DBM password databases.

  • htpasswd
    Create and update user authentication files for basic authentication

  • httxt2dbm
    Create dbm files for use with RewriteMap

  • logresolve
    Resolve hostnames for IP-addresses in Apache logfiles

  • log_server_status
    Periodically log the server's status

  • rotatelogs
    Rotate Apache logs without having to kill the server

  • split-logfile
    Split a multi-vhost logfile into per-host logfiles

  • suexec
    Switch User For Exec

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