Release History

Version Date Description
2.13.3 2020-05-10 GA Release 2.13.3
2.13.2 2020-04-23 GA Release 2.13.2
2.13.1 2020-02-25 GA Release 2.13.1
2.13.0 2019-12-11 GA Release 2.13.0
2.12.1 2019-08-06 GA Release 2.12.1
2.12.0 2019-06-23 GA Release 2.12.0
2.11.2 2019-02-04 GA Release 2.11.2
2.11.1 2018-07-22 GA Release 2.11.1
2.11.0 2018-03-11 GA Release 2.11.0
2.10.0 2017-11-18 GA Release 2.10.0
2.9.1 2017-09-17 GA Release 2.9.1
2.9.0 2017-08-26 GA Release 2.9.0
2.8.2 2017-04-02 GA Release 2.8.2
2.8.1 2017-02-26 GA Release 2.8.1
2.8 2017-01-21 GA Release 2.8
2.7 2016-10-02 GA Release 2.7
2.6.2 2016-07-05 GA Release 2.6.2
2.6.1 2016-06-05 GA Release 2.6.1
2.6 2016-05-25 GA Release 2.6
2.5 2015-12-06 GA Release 2.5
2.4.1 2015-10-08 GA Release 2.4.1
2.4 2015-09-20 GA Release 2.4
2.3 2015-05-09 GA Release 2.3
2.2 2015-02-22 GA Release 2.2
2.1 2014-10-19 GA Release 2.1
2.0.2 2014-08-16 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0.1 2014-07-29 Bug fixes
2.0 2014-07-12 GA Release
2.0-rc2 2014-06-21 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-rc1 2014-02-16 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta9 2013-09-14 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta8 2013-07-10 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta7 2013-06-01 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta6 2013-05-05 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta5 2013-04-20 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta4 2013-01-28 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta3 2012-11-11 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta2 2012-10-07 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-beta1 2012-09-18 Bug fixes and enhancements
2.0-alpha2 2012-08-24 Bug fixes and minor enhancements
2.0-alpha1 2012-07-29 Rewrite of Log4j

Release 2.13.3 – 2020-05-10

Type Changes By
Fix Fix NullPointerException in ThreadContextDataInjector. Fixes LOG4J2-2838 . rgoers

Release 2.13.2 – 2020-04-23

Type Changes By
Fix Implement requiresLocation in GelfLayout to reflect whether location information is used in the message Pattern. Fixes LOG4J2-2824 . Thanks to CrazyBills. rgoers
Fix Add option to restore printing timeMillis in the JsonLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2588 . rgoers
Fix Initialize pattern processor before triggering policy during reconriguration. Fixes LOG4J2-2766 . rgoers
Update Allow the file extension in the file pattern to be modified during reconfiguration. Fixes LOG4J2-2457 . rgoers
Fix Add information about using a url in log4j.configurationFile. Fixes LOG4J2-2810 . rgoers
Fix serializeToBytes was checking wrong variable for null. Fixes LOG4J2-2813 . Thanks to Keith D Gregory. rgoers
Fix Fix Javadoc for ScriptPatternSelector. Fixes LOG4J2-2814 . rgoers
Fix Allow trailing and leading spaces in log level. Fixes LOG4J2-2793 . Thanks to Renukaprasad C. rgoers
Update Add support for specifying an SSL configuration for SmtpAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2819 . mattsicker
Update Allow servlet context path to be retrieved without "/". Fixes LOG4J2-2520 . rgoers
Update Allow Spring Lookup to return default and active profiles. Fixes LOG4J2-2818 . rgoers
Fix Correct JsonLayout timestamp sorting issue. Fixes LOG4J2-2791 . Thanks to Johan Karlberg. rgoers
Fix Allow the file size action to parse the value without being sensitive to the current locale. Fixes LOG4J2-2817 . Thanks to Trejkaz. rgoers
Fix Make YamlLayoutTest more resiliant to environmental differences. Fixes LOG4J2-2794 . Thanks to Johan Karlberg. rgoers
Update Allow Spring Boot applications to use composite configuratons. Fixes LOG4J2-2815 . rgoers
Add Provide a Log4j implementation of System.Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-1360 . Thanks to Kevin Leturc. rgoers
Fix Conditionally allocate PluginEntry during PluginCache loading. Fixes LOG4J2-2790 . Thanks to Marius Volkhart. rgoers
Fix Add missing includeLocation parameter when creating AsyncLogger. Fixes LOG4J2-2811 . Thanks to Kuojian21. rgoers
Fix Fix Exceptions when whitespace is in the file path and Java security manager is used. Fixes LOG4J2-2761 . Thanks to Uwe Schindler. rgoers
Fix Avoid NullPointerException when StackWalker returns null. Fixes LOG4J2-2809 . Thanks to Romain Manni-Bucau. rgoers
Add Added EventLookup to retrieve fields from the log event. Fixes LOG4J2-2807 . rgoers
Fix TimeFilter did not handle daylight saving time transitions and did not support a range over 2 days. Fixes LOG4J2-2805 . rgoers
Update Add ContextDataProviders as an alternative to having to implement a ContextDataInjector. Fixes LOG4J2-2779 . rgoers
Update [JDBC] Throw a AppenderLoggingException instead of an NPE in the JDBC database manager. Fixes LOG4J2-2812 . ggregory

Release 2.13.1 – 2020-02-25

Type Changes By
Fix Slow initialization on Windows due to accessing network interfaces. Fixes LOG4J2-2717 . rgoers
Update Conditionally perform status logging calculations in PluginRegistry. Fixes LOG4J2-2789 . Thanks to Marius Volkhart. rgeors
Fix Prevent LoggerContext from being garbage collected while being created. Fixes LOG4J2-2756 . rgoers
Fix Do not log an error if Files.move does not work. Fixes LOG4J2-2769 . rgoers
Fix Rollover fails when file matches pattern but index is too large. Fixes LOG4J2-2039 . rgoers
Fix Counter stuck at 10 and overwriting files when leading zeros used in the file pattern count. Fixes LOG4J2-2784 . rgoers
Fix ClassLoaderContextSelector was not locating the LoggerContext during shutdown. Fixes LOG4J2-2746 . rgoers
Fix JSON output wrong when using additonal fields. Fixes LOG4J2-2652 . rgoers
Fix GraalVM does not allow use of MethodHandles. Fixes LOG4J2-2649 . rgoers
Fix Allow Lookup keys with leading dashes by using a slash as an escape character. Fixes LOG4J2-2211 . rgoers
Update Use LinkedBlockingQueue instead of synchronized collction in StatusConfiguration. Fixes LOG4J2-2782 . rgoers
Fix ServletContainerInitializer was obtaining the StatusLogger too soon. Fixes LOG4J2-2781 . Thanks to qxo. rgoers
Fix PluginProcessor should use Messager instead of System.out. Fixes LOG4J2-2676 . Thanks to Gregg Donovan. rgoers
Fix MapMessage.getFormattedMesssage() would incorrectly format objects. Fixes LOG4J2-2703 . Thanks to Volkan Yazici. rgoers
Fix Always write header on a new OutputStream. Fixes LOG4J2-2760 . Thanks to Christoph Kaser. rgoers
Update Add a retry count attribute to the KafkaAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2777 . Thanks to joongs4. rgoers
Fix An error message in RollingFileAppender uses a placeholder for the name but does not specify the name argument in the logging call. Fixes LOG4J2-2776 . Thanks to Christoph Kaser. rgoers
Fix NullPointerException when using a custom DirectFileRolloverStrategy without a file name. Fixes LOG4J2-2758 . Thanks to Christoph Kaser. rgoers
Fix Add mulit-parameter overloads to LogBuilder. Fixes LOG4J2-2768 . Thanks to Marius Volkhart. rgoers
Fix Fixed NullPointerException after reconfiguring via JMX. Fixes LOG4J2-2770 . Thanks to Bill Kuker. rgoers
Fix RollingFileAppender was not rolling on startup if createOnDemand was set to true. Fixes LOG4J2-2759 . rgoers
Fix Warn if pattern is missing on Routes element. Use default route. Fixes LOG4J2-2767 . rgoers
Fix Fix lock contention in the classloader using new versions of slf4j without EventData on slf4j logger creation. Fixes LOG4J2-2415 . Thanks to Andrey Turbanov. ckozak
Fix Rollover handles parallel file deletion gracefully. Fixes LOG4J2-2677 . ckozak
Fix Remove unnecessary EventLogger references from log4j-slf4j18-impl due to removal from slf4j. Fixes LOG4J2-2744 . ckozak
Update Update log4j-slf4j18-impl slf4j version to 1.8.0-beta4 from 1.8.0-alpha2. Fixes LOG4J2-2745 . ckozak
Fix Fix a memory leak using fully asynchronous logging when the queue is full using the 'discard' asynchronous queue full strategy. Fixes LOG4J2-2747 . ckozak
Fix Fix erroneous log4j-jul recursive logger detection resulting in some no-op JUL loggers and 'WARN Recursive call to getLogger' being reported by the status logger. Fixes LOG4J2-2739 . ckozak
Add Implement ISO8601_PERIOD_MICROS fixed date format matching ISO8601_PERIOD with support for microsecond precision. Fixes LOG4J2-2748 . ckozak
Fix PluginCache output is reproducible allowing the annotation processor to produce deterministic results. Fixes LOG4J2-2735 . Thanks to Andy Wilkinson. ckozak
Fix Fix StackLocator.getCallerClass performance in cases where Reflection.getCallerClass is not accessible. Fixes LOG4J2-2751 . ckozak
Fix MutableLogEvent and RingBufferLogEvent avoid StringBuffer and parameter array allocation unless reusable messages are used. Fixes LOG4J2-2752 . ckozak
Fix LoaderUtil.getClassLoaders may discover additional loaders and no longer erroneously returns a result with a null element in some environments. Fixes LOG4J2-2754 . ckozak
Fix CronExpression.getBeforeTime() would sometimes return incorrect result. Fixes LOG4J2-2575 . Thanks to Nathan Friess. rgoers
Fix [JDBC] MS-SQL Server JDBC driver throws SQLServerException when inserting a null value for a VARBINARY column. Fixes LOG4J2-2762 . ggregory
Update Update dependencies. Fixes LOG4J2-2763 . ggregory
Fix NullPointerException after reconfiguring via JMX. Fixes LOG4J2-2770 . Thanks to Bill Kuker. ggregory

Release 2.13.0 – 2019-12-11

Type Changes By
Fix Prevent recursive calls to java.util.LogManager.getLogger(). Fixes LOG4J2-2058 . rgoers
Fix LOG4J2-2725 - Added try/finally around event.execute() for RingBufferLogEventHandler to clear memory correctly in case of exception/error. Fixes LOG4J2-2725 . Thanks to Dzmitry Anikechanka. ckozak
Fix Wrong java version check in ThreadNameCachingStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-2635 . Thanks to Filipp Gunbin. rgoers
Fix Use a less confusing name for the CompositeConfiguration source. Fixes LOG4J2-2674 . Thanks to Anton Korenkov. rgoers
Add Add ThreadContext.putIfNotNull method. Fixes LOG4J2-2732 . Thanks to Matt Pavlovich. rgoers
Add Add a Level Patttern Selector. Fixes LOG4J2-2731 . rgoers
Update Update Jackson to 2.9.10. Fixes LOG4J2-2701 . rgoers
Fix Add setKey method to Kafka Appender Builder. Fixes LOG4J2-2727 . Thanks to Clément Mathieu. rogers
Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException could occur with MAC address longer than 6 bytes. Fixes LOG4J2-2707 . Thanks to Christian Frank. rgoers
Add Add experimental support for Log4j 1 configuration files. Fixes LOG4J2-63 . rgoers
Fix The rolling file appenders would fail to compress the file after rollover if the file name matched the file pattern. Fixes LOG4J2-2712 . rgoers
Add Add the ability to lookup Kubernetes attributes in the Log4j configuration. Allow Log4j properties to be retrieved from the Spring environment if it is available. Fixes LOG4J2-2716 . rgoers
Add Allow Spring Boot application properties to be accessed in the Log4j 2 configuration. Add lower and upper case Lookups. Fixes LOG4J2-2710 . rgoers
Update Allow message portion of GELF layout to be formatted using a PatternLayout. Allow ThreadContext attributes to be explicitly included or excluded in the GelfLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2709 . rgoers
Fix @PluginValue does not support attribute names besides "value". Fixes LOG4J2-2693 . mattsicker
Fix Validation blocks definition of script in properties configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-2647 . mattsicker
Fix Set result of rename action to true if file was copied. Fixes LOG4J2-2680 . Thanks to Guillermo Xavier Hurtado Garcia. rgoers
Fix Add automatic module names where missing. Fixes LOG4J-2672 . Thanks to Stephen Colebourne. rgoers
Add Add builder pattern to Logger interface. Fixes LOG4J2-2639 . rgoers
Fix OutputStreamAppender.Builder ignores setFilter(). Fixes LOG4J2-2673 . Thanks to Yuichi Sugimura. ggregory
Fix Prevent a memory leak when async loggers throw errors. Fixes LOG4J2-2725 . Thanks to Dzmitry Anikechanka. ckozak

Release 2.12.1 – 2019-08-06

Type Changes By
Fix Allow file renames to work when files are missing from the sequence. Fixes LOG4J2-1946 . Thanks to Igor Perelyotov. rgoers
Fix Support emulating a MAC address when using ipv6. Fixes LOG4J2-2650 . Thanks to Mattia Bertorello. rgoers
Fix Remove references to LoggerContext when it is shutdown. Fixes LOG4J2-2366 . rgoers
Update Make Log4j Core optional for Log4j 1.2 API. Fixes LOG4J2-2556 . rgoers
Fix Improve the performance of capturing location information. Fixes LOG4J2-2644 . rgoers
Update Update MongoDB 3 driver from 3.10.1 to 3.10.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2646 . ggregory
Update Improve exception messages in the JDBC appender. Fixes LOG4J2-2657 . ggregory
Fix AbstractAction.reportException records a warning to the status logger, providing more information when file based appenders fail to compress rolled data asynchronously. Fixes LOG4J2-2658 . ckozak
Fix AbstractAction handles and records unchecked RuntimeException and Error in addition to IOException. Fixes LOG4J2-2659 . ckozak
Update Retry when JDBC throws a java.sql.SQLTransactionRollbackException in commitAndClose(). Fixes LOG4J2-2660 . ggregory
Fix "Values not bound to statement" when using JDBC appender, appender does not respect bufferSize="0". Fixes LOG4J2-2667 . Thanks to Gary Gregory, Edith Chui. ggregory

Release 2.12.0 – 2019-06-23

Type Changes By
Fix RollingRandomAccessFileAppender error message referenced incorrect class name. Fixes LOG4J2-2547 . rgoers
Fix Restore constructor to ThrowablePatternConverter that was removed in 2.8.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2616 . rgoers
Fix StructuredDataId was ignoring maxLength atribute. Fixes LOG4J2-2622 . rgoers
Fix RFC5424Layout was not properly setting default Structured Element id for the MDC. Fixes LOG4J2-2636 . rgoers
Add Allow zero padding the counter of a RollingFileAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2403 . Thanks to hupfdule. rgoers
Add Add filter that will match events when no marker is present. Fixes LOG4J2-2427 . Thanks to Rimaljit Kaur. rgoers
Fix Lookups were not found if the plugin key was not lowercase. Fixes LOG4J2-1143 . Thanks to Pascal Heinrich. rgoers
Add Add reconfiguration methods to Configurator. Fixes LOG4J2-2406 . rgoers
Fix Locate plugins within a Jar using a URL Connection. Fixes LOG4J2-1852 . Thanks to Tanner Altares. rgoers
Fix Explicitly set file creation time. Fixes LOG4J2-2610 . rgoers
Fix JEP223 version detection fix for JDK 9 and up. Fixes LOG4J2-2561 . Thanks to Ulrich Enslin. rgoers
Fix FailoverAppender was failing with ERROR appender Failover has no parameter that matches element Failovers. Fixes LOG4J2-1103 . Thanks to Seán Dunne. rgoers
Fix Update file time when size based triggering policy is used without a time-based triggering policy. Fixes LOG4J2-2602 . rgoers
Fix Throw better exception message when both log4j-slf4j-impl and log4j-to-slf4j are present. Fixes LOG4J2-2597 . rgoers
Add Add support for reconfiguration via HTTP(S), Docker, and Spring Cloud Configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-913 . rgoers
Add TCP Appender should support a host name resolving to multiple IP addresses. Fixes LOG4J2-2586 . rgoers
Fix NullPointerException in JdbcAppender.createAppender(). Fixes LOG4J2-2559 . Thanks to Li Lei, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update tests from H2 1.4.197 to 1.4.199. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.7 to 2.9.8. Fixes LOG4J2-2570 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update MongoDB 3 module driver from 3.9.0 to 3.10.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2574 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix StackOverflowException when server not reachable with SocketAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2592 . Thanks to Dávid Kaya, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add Allow custom end-of-line with JsonLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2337 . Thanks to Arvind Sahare, Patrice Ferrot. ggregory
Add GZIP compression on rollover supports configurable compression levels. Fixes LOG4J2-2598 . Thanks to Carter Kozak. ckozak
Fix java.lang.StackOverflowError at org.apache.logging.log4j.junit.AbstractExternalFileCleaner.println( Fixes LOG4J2-2598 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix MapPatternConverter is properly created from the '%K', '%map', and '%MAP' patterns. PatternConverter instanceOf methods with unknown parameter types no longer elide those with known parameters. Fixes LOG4J2-2564 . ckozak
Add AsyncQueueFullPolicy configuration short values "Default" and "Discard" are case insensitive to avoid confusion. Fixes LOG4J2-2611 . ckozak
Fix NullPointerException at org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.db.jdbc.JdbcDatabaseManager.writeInternal( Fixes LOG4J2-2612 . ggregory
Fix Possible ClassCastException in org.apache.logging.log4j.core.script.ScriptManager.ScriptManager(Configuration, WatchManager). Fixes LOG4J2-2618 . ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.8 to 2.9.9. Fixes LOG4J2-2619 . ggregory
Fix RoutingAppender PurgePolicy implementations no longer stop appenders referenced from the logger configuration, only those that have been created by the RoutingAppender. Note that RoutingAppender.getAppenders no longer includes entries for referenced appenders, only those which it has created. Fixes LOG4J2-2631 . ckozak
Fix Fix a race allowing events not to be recorded when a RoutingAppender purge policy attempts to delete an idle appender at exactly the same time as a new event is recorded. Fixes LOG4J2-2629 . ckozak
Fix Asynchronous logging when the queue is full no longer results in heavy CPU utilization and low throughput. Fixes LOG4J2-2606 . ckozak
Update Refactor several AsyncLogger methods below the 35 byte threshold for inlining. Fixes LOG4J2-2634 . ckozak
Add Add and use method org.apache.logging.log4j.message.MapMessage.toKey(String) for simpler subclasses. Fixes LOG4J2-2634 . ggregory

Release 2.11.2 – 2019-02-04

Type Changes By
Fix Document that Properties element must be the first configuration element. Fixes LOG4J2-2500 . rgoers
Fix Add Log4j-to-SLF4J to BOM pom.xml. Fixes LOG4J2-2543 . Thanks to Dermot Hardy. rgoers
Fix Use the file pattern as the FileManager "name" when no filename is present. Fixes LOG4J2-2061 . rgoers
Fix Expose LoggerContext.setConfiguration as a public method. Fixes LOG4J2-2009 . rgoers
Fix CronTriggeringPolicy was not rolling properly, especially when used with the SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy. Fixes LOG4J2-2542 . rgoers
Fix Load PropertySources from any accessible ClassLoader. Hide any exceptions that may occur accessing a PropertySource. Fixes LOG4J2-2266 . rgoers
Fix Logging with a lambda expression with a method call that also logs would cause logs within method call to reference line num and method name of the parent method. Fixes LOG4J2-1570 . rgoers
Update Switch from CLIRR to RevAPI for detecting API changes. Fixes LOG4J2-1576 . rgoers
Fix SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy was not honored when using the DirectWriteRolloverStrategy if the machine restarts. Fixes LOG4J2-2485 . Thanks to Giovanni Matteo Fumarola. rgoers
Fix Direct write was creating files with the wrong date/time. Fixes LOG4J2-1906 . rgoers
Fix Add Log4j-slf4j18-impl dependency to bom pom. Fixes LOG4J2-2453 . Thanks to theit. rgoers
Fix Configuration documentation referenced incorrect method name. Fixes LOG4J2-2515 . Thanks to MakarovS. rgoers
Fix Make Strings.toRootUpperCase a static method so it can be accessed. Fixes LOG4J2-2514 . Thanks to smilebrian0515. rgoers
Fix Fixed Appenders section in Extending Log4j. Fixes LOG4J2-1571 . Thanks to torbenmoeller. rgoers
Update Improve exception logging performance. ThrowableProxy construction uses a faster method to discover the current stack trace. ThrowablePatternConverter and ExtendedThrowablePatternConverter default configurations no longer allocate an additional buffer for stack trace contents. Fixes LOG4J2-2391 . ckozak
Fix Predeployment of PersistenceUnit that using Log4j as session logger failed (#198). Fixes LOG4J2-2397 . Thanks to EckelDong. ggregory
Fix NameAbbreviator correctly abbreviates first fragments (#188). Fixes LOG4J2-2365 . Thanks to Eugene Zimichev. ckozak
Fix Fix memory leak in ReusableParameterizedMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-2201 . ckozak
Fix ReusableObjectMessage parameter is properly passed to appenders (#203). Fixes LOG4J2-2363 . Thanks to Brian Laub. ckozak
Fix NullPointerException when closing never used RollingRandomAccessFileAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2418 . Thanks to Jonas Rutishauser. ggregory
Fix Handle some unchecked exceptions while loading plugins. Fixes LOG4J2-2422 . Thanks to rswart, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Setting a null ErrorHandler on AbstractAppender is not allowed and will no-op as expected. Fixes LOG4J2-2441 . ckozak
Fix ErrorHandler is invoked with a LogEvent and Throwable when possible, where previously only a string was used. Fixes LOG4J2-2444 . ckozak
Update Let the NullAppender default its name to "null". Fixes LOG4J2-2447 . ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.6 to 2.9.7. Fixes LOG4J2-2468 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.17 to 1.18. Fixes LOG4J2-2469 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons CSV from 1.5 to 1.6. Fixes LOG4J2-2470 . ggregory
Update Update javax.mail from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2471 . ggregory
Update Update mongo-java-driver 3 from 3.8.0 to 3.8.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2472 . ggregory
Fix Exceptions are added to all columns when a JDBC Appender's ColumnMapping uses a Pattern. Fixes LOG4J2-2413 . Thanks to Andres Luuk, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix ColumnMapping literal not working. Fixes LOG4J2-2466 . Thanks to Paolo Bonanomi, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix AbstractStringLayoutStringEncodingBenchmark returns the computed variables on each benchmark to avoid DCE. Fixes LOG4J2-2478 . Thanks to Diego Elias Costa. ckozak
Fix StackOverflowError at AwaitCompletionReliabilityStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-2134 . Thanks to David del Amo Mateos, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Avoid NullPointerExceptions in org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.AbstractConfiguration for null arguments. Fixes LOG4J2-2481 . ggregory
Fix RollingRandomAccessFileManager ignores new file patterns from programmatic reconfiguration. Fixes LOG4J2-2457 . Thanks to Heiko Schwanke, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix BasicContextSelector cannot be used in a OSGI application. Fixes LOG4J2-2482 . Thanks to Rob Gansevles. ggregory
Fix org.apache.log4j.SimpleLayout and ConsoleAppender missing in log4j-1.2-api. Fixes LOG4J2-2476 . Thanks to Al Bundy. ggregory
Update JDBC Appender should release parameter resources ASAP. Fixes LOG4J2-2489 . ggregory
Update Allow all Appenders to optionally carry a Property array. Fixes LOG4J2-2491 . ggregory
Fix JmsAppender reconnectIntervalMillis cannot be set from a configuration file. Fixes LOG4J2-2497 . ggregory
Fix JMS Appender may throw a NullPointerException when JMS is not up while the Appender is starting. Fixes LOG4J2-2499 . ggregory
Add JDBC Appender should reconnect to the database when a connection goes stale. Fixes LOG4J2-2496 . ggregory
Update Better handling of %highlight pattern when using jul-bridge. Fixes LOG4J2-2405 . Thanks to Marco Herrn. ggregory
Update Update MongoDB driver from 3.8.2 to 3.9.0 for log4j-mongodb3 module. Fixes LOG4J2-2503 . ggregory
Add Let JDBC PoolingDriverConnectionSource with Apache Commons DBCP configure a PoolableConnectionFactory. Fixes LOG4J2-2505 . ggregory
Fix JDBC Appender fails when using both parameter, source, and literal ColumnMapping elements. Fixes LOG4J2-2508 . ggregory
Add Allow a JDBC Appender to truncate strings to match a table's metadata column length limit. Fixes LOG4J2-2509 . ggregory
Add PatternLayout %date conversion pattern should render time zone designator for ISO-ISO8601. Fixes LOG4J2-1246 . ggregory
Fix Prevent ConcurrentModificationException while iterating over ListAppender events. Fixes LOG4J2-2527 . ckozak
Fix Fix regression using MapMessageLookup.lookup with MapMessages that do not implement StringMapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-2522 . Thanks to Adam Lesiak. ckozak
Fix Generalize checks using MapMessage implementations with do not extend StringMapMessage. Introduce new JAVA_UNQUOTED MapMessage format type based on the JAVA formatting, but without quoted values. Fixes LOG4J2-2530 . Thanks to Travis Spencer. ckozak
Fix Fix a regression introduced by LOG4J2-2301 in 2.11.1 allowing allocation to occur in AsyncLoggerConfig. Fixes LOG4J2-2533 . Thanks to Michail Prusakov. ckozak

Release 2.11.1 – 2018-07-22

Type Changes By
Fix ThrowableProxy was saving and retrieving cache entries using different keys. Fixes LOG4J2-2389 . Thanks to Liu Wen. rgoers
Fix If root LoggerConfig does not have a Level return ERROR. Fixes LOG4J2-2316 . rgoers
Fix Fix broken links in log4j web documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-2390 . Thanks to anton-balaniuc. rgoers
Update Allow composite configuration for context parameter. Fixes LOG4J2-1721 . Thanks to Phokham Nonava. rgoers
Fix The OSGi Activator specified an incorrect version. Fixes LOG4J2-2343 . Thanks to Raymond Augé. rgoers
Fix Make java.util.ServiceLoader properly work in OSGi by using the Service Loader Mediator Specification. Fixes LOG4J2-2305 . Thanks to Björn Kautler. rgoers
Fix Split the SLF4J binding into 2 implementations - one for SLF4J 1.7.x and one for SLF4J 1.8+. Fixes LOG4J2-2305 . rgoers
Fix Improve plugin error message when elements are missing. Fixes LOG4J2-2268 . Thanks to Tilman Hausherr. rgoers
Fix ParserConfigurationException when using Log4j with oracle.xml.jaxp.JXDocumentBuilderFactory. Fixes LOG4J2-2283 . Thanks to Vishnu Priya Matha. ggregory
Fix PoolingDriverConnectionSource does not take into account properties, user name, and password. Fixes LOG4J2-2300 . ggregory
Update Status logger should show the Log4j name and version when initializing itself. Fixes LOG4J2-2302 . ggregory
Update Log4j2 2.8.2 JMX unregister NullPointerException. Fixes LOG4J2-2304 . Thanks to wumengsheng. ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.4 to 2.9.5. Fixes LOG4J2-2311 . ggregory
Update Update LMAX Disruptor from 3.3.7 to 3.4.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2313 . ggregory
Update Log4j 2.0 ERROR "Could not search jar" with JBoss EAP 6.2. Fixes LOG4J2-548 . Thanks to Shehata, Paresh Varke, Eric Victorson, Martin Laforet. ggregory
Fix MutableLogEvent and RingBufferLogEvent message mementos retain the original format string. Fixes LOG4J2-2307 . ckozak
Fix Curly braces in parameters are not treated as placeholders. Fixes LOG4J2-2032 . Thanks to Kostiantyn Shchepanovskyi. ckozak
Fix MutableLogEvent.getNonNullImmutableMessage and Log4jLogEvent.makeMessageImmutable retain format and parameters. Fixes LOG4J2-2317 . ckozak
Fix Messages are no longer mutated when the asynchronous queue is full. A warning is logged to the status logger instead. Fixes LOG4J2-2318 . ckozak
Fix Fix NPE in AbstractLogger when another exception is thrown, masking the root cause. Fixes LOG4J2-2320 . ckozak
Fix AsyncLogger uses the correct level when unspecified. This provides parity between AsyncLogger and Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-2321 . ckozak
Fix Custom ContextSelector implementations which select an AsyncLoggerContext disable LoggerConfig.includeLocation by default for parity with AsyncLoggerContextSelector. Fixes LOG4J2-2322 . ckozak
Fix MutableLogEvent references to other objects are cleared after each use. Fix a memory leak causing references to parameters to be held after synchronous logging with thread locals enabled. Fixes LOG4J2-2269 . ckozak
Update Update JAnsi from 1.17 to 1.17.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2328 . ggregory
Fix Mixed async loggers no longer forget parameter values, providing some appenders with an array of nulls. Fixes LOG4J2-2301 . ckozak
Fix RollingFileManager debug logging avoids string concatenation and errant braces in favor of parameterized logging. Fixes LOG4J2-2331 . Thanks to Mike Baranski. ckozak
Fix Handle errors thrown in default disruptor ExceptionHandler implementations to avoid killing background threads. Fixes LOG4J2-2333 . ckozak
Fix Add API org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.AsyncAppender.getQueueSize(). Fixes LOG4J2-2334 . ggregory
Fix Remove duplicate hyphen from the AsyncLoggerConfig background thread name. Fixes LOG4J2-2336 . ckozak
Fix Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.16.1 to 1.17. Fixes LOG4J2-2347 . ggregory
Update Added AbstractLogEvent.getMutableInstant to allow the MutableInstant instance to be modified by classes extending AbstractLogEvent. Fixes LOG4J2-2351 . ckozak
Fix RingBufferLogEvent memento messages provide the expected format string, and no longer attempt to substitute parameters into curly braces in parameter toString values. Both RingBufferLogEvent and MutableLogEvent memento implementations memoize results to avoid rebuilding formatted string values. Fixes LOG4J2-2352 . ckozak
Fix PropertiesUtil ignores non-string system properties. Fixes a NoClassDefFoundError initializing StatusLogger caused by an NPE while initializing the static PropertiesUtil field. Fixes LOG4J2-2355 . Thanks to Henrik Brautaset Aronsen. ckozak
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.5 to 2.9.6. Fixes LOG4J2-2357 . ggregory
Update Update Kafka client from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2358 . ggregory
Fix Fixed a memory leak in which ReusableObjectMessage would hold a reference to the most recently logged object. Fixes LOG4J2-2362 . ckozak
Fix Jackson layouts used with AsyncLoggerContextSelector output the expected format rather than only a JSON string of the message text. Fixes LOG4J2-2312 . ckozak
Fix Fixed a memory leak in which ReusableParameterizedMessage would hold a reference to the most recently logged throwable and provided varargs array. Fixes LOG4J2-2364 . ckozak
Fix Nested logging doesn't clobber AbstractStringLayout cached StringBuidlers. Fixes LOG4J2-2368 . ckozak
Fix StringBuilders.escapeJson implementation runs in linear time. Escaping large JSON strings in EncodingPatternConverter and MapMessage will perform significantly better. Fixes LOG4J2-2373 . Thanks to Kevin Meurer. ckozak
Fix StringBuilders.escapeXml implementation runs in linear time. Escaping large XML strings in EncodingPatternConverter and MapMessage will perform significantly better. Fixes LOG4J2-2376 . Thanks to Kevin Meurer. ckozak
Fix NullPointerException in org.apache.logging.log4j.util.LoaderUtil.getClassLoaders() when using Bootstrap class loader. Fixes LOG4J2-2377 . Thanks to Mirko Rzehak, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Update Mongodb 3 driver from 3.6.3 to 3.8.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2382 . ggregory
Update Update Kafka client from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2384 . ggregory
Update Update Groovy from 2.4.13 to 2.5.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2385 . ggregory
Update Update optional Apache Commons DBCP from 2.2.0 to 2.4.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2386 . ggregory
Fix Thread indefinitely blocked when logging a message in an interrupted thread. Fixes LOG4J2-2388 . Thanks to Failled. ggregory

Release 2.11.0 – 2018-03-11

Type Changes By
Fix LoaderUtil was not looping properly over classloaders. Fixes LOG4J2-2104 . rgoers
Fix Revert OSGi API version to 4.3.1. Fixes LOG4J2-1976 . rgoers
Update Documentation fix in manual page for custom configurations. Fixes LOG4J2-2273 . Thanks to Bruno P. Kinoshita. rpopma
Update Reusable LogEvents now pass the original format string to downstream components like layouts and filters. Fixes LOG4J2-2252 . Thanks to Carter Kozak. rpopma
Add Add API to enable iterating over message parameters without creating temporary objects. Fixes LOG4J2-2253 . Thanks to Carter Kozak. rpopma
Fix Move module-info.class to META-INF/versions/9 directory. Fixes LOG4J2-2271 . rgoers
Fix Incorrect automatics module name header was being included in manifests. Fixes LOG4J2-2254 . rgoers
Fix NullPointerException would occur when header was provided to a Layout on RollingRandingAccessFileAppender with DirectWriteRolloverStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-2247 . rgoers
Update The internal status logger timestamp format is now configurable with system property `log4j2.StatusLogger.DateFormat`. Fixes LOG4J2-2250 . rpopma
Update Removed unnecessary dependency on jcommander since Log4j uses embedded picocli since 2.9. Fixes LOG4J2-2236 . rpopma
Add Added support for precise (micro and nanosecond) timestamps when running on Java 9. A limited number of precise %d date formats are supported with PatternLayout. POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: The XML, JSON and YAML formats have changed: they no longer have the "timeMillis" attribute and instead have an "Instant" element with "epochSecond" and "nanoOfSecond" attributes. Fixes LOG4J2-1883 . Thanks to Anthony Maire. rpopma
Add Output JSON object for ObjectMessage in JsonLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2190 . Thanks to Franz Wong. mikes
Add Made log4j-core a multi-release ("multi-version") jar, added log4j-core-java9 module. Fixes LOG4J2-2191 . rpopma
Fix Log4j2 throws NoClassDefFoundError in Java 9 in java.util.ServiceLoader. Fixes LOG4J2-2129 . Thanks to Blazej Bucko. rgoers
Fix Fixed bug where ThreadContext map was cleared, resulting in entries being only available for one log event. Fixes LOG4J2-2158 . Thanks to Björn Kautler. rpopma
Fix Avoid null attribute values in DefaultConfigurationBuilder. Fixes LOG4J2-2002 . Thanks to Paul Burrowes. mikes
Fix Fix typo in Property Substitution docs. Fixes LOG4J2-2175 . Thanks to Behrang Saeedzadeh. mikes
Fix Allow SortedArrayStringMap to be filtered upon deserialization. Fix build error in Java 9 when compiling log4j-core test classes. Fixes LOG4J2-2163 . rgoers
Fix Don't create exit message in traceExit(R) when logging is disabled. Fixes LOG4J2-2157 . Thanks to Malte Skoruppa. ggregory
Fix DefaultMergeStrategy did not merge filters on loggers correctly. Fixes LOG4J2-2123 . Thanks to Jacob Tolar. rgoers
Update Update version of maven bundle plugin to 3.4.0. Convert bundle plugin error to a warning. Fixes LOG4J2-2146 . rgoers
Update Reduce compiler warnings in log4j-api. Fixes LOG4J2-2215 . rpopma
Add Add missing converters to PatternLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2143 . mikes
Add Add API org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.Interpolator.getStrLookupMap(). Fixes LOG4J2-2160 . ggregory
Update Removed unnecessary threadlocal StringBuilder field from MdcPatternConverter. Fixes LOG4J2-2127 . Thanks to Carter Kozak. rpopma
Fix Removed compile-time dependency on Java Management APIs from Log4J API module to improve compatibility with Android Platform which does not support JMX extensions. Fixes LOG4J2-2126 . Thanks to Oleg Kalnichevski. rpopma
Update Require Java 9 to compile the log4j-perf module to allow benchmarking with Java 9 APIs. Fixes LOG4J2-2194 . rpopma
Update Update JMH to version 1.19 from 1.1.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2193 . rpopma
Update Update ZeroMQ's jeromq from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3. Fixes LOG4J2-2132 . ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.2 to 2.9.3. Fixes LOG4J2-2165 . ggregory
Add The MongoDB Appender should use a keys and values for a Log4j MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-2179 . ggregory
Add Add a MongoDbProvider builder for and deprecate org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb.MongoDbProvider.createNoSqlProvider(). Fixes LOG4J2-2180 . ggregory
Add The JDBC Appender should use keys and values from a Log4j MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-2181 . ggregory
Update Update MongoDB driver from 3.0.4 to 3.6.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2184 . ggregory
Add Add a simple JDBC DriverManager-based ConnectionSource that uses JDBC's DriverManager#getConnection(String, String, String). Fixes LOG4J2-2185 . ggregory
Update Document default property value support. Fixes LOG4J2-2197 . Thanks to Fabrice Daugan. ggregory
Update Update MongoDB dependencies from classic to modern. Fixes LOG4J2-2198 . ggregory
Add Add a JDBC ConnectionSource that provides pooling through Apache Commons DBCP 2. Fixes LOG4J2-2186 . ggregory
Add Add a hook for a Connection Source for a JDBC Appender to release its resources. Fixes LOG4J2-2187 . ggregory
Add Add org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager#unwatch(File). Fixes LOG4J2-2203 . ggregory
Update org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager.getWatchers() should pre-allocate its new Map. Fixes LOG4J2-2204 . ggregory
Add Add method org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.WatchManager.reset(File) and reset(). Fixes LOG4J2-2206 . ggregory
Add Add debug logging to org.apache.logging.log4j.mongodb.MongoDbConnection. Fixes LOG4J2-2208 . ggregory
Update Rename existing MongoDb plugin and related artifacts from MongoDb to MongoDb2. Fixes LOG4J2-2209 . ggregory
Update Fix error log message for Script which says ScriptFile instead. Fixes LOG4J2-2210 . Thanks to Björn Kautler. ggregory
Update Unnecessary contention in CopyOnWriteSortedArrayThreadContextMap. Fixes LOG4J2-2212 . Thanks to Daniel Feist, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Unnecessary contention in GarbageFreeSortedArrayThreadContextMap. Fixes LOG4J2-2213 . Thanks to Daniel Feist, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Unnecessary contention in DefaultThreadContextMap. Fixes LOG4J2-2214 . Thanks to Daniel Feist, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update NullPointerException at org.apache.logging.log4j.util.Activator.loadProvider( in log4j 2.10.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2182 . Thanks to liwenxian2017, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update MarkerFilter onMismatch invalid attribute in .properties. Fixes LOG4J2-2202 . Thanks to Kilian, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Configuration builder classes should look for "onMismatch", not "onMisMatch". Fixes LOG4J2-2219 . Thanks to Kilian, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update New module log4j-mongodb3: Remove use of deprecated MongoDB APIs and code to the Java driver version 3 API. Fixes LOG4J2-2205 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Split off JPA support into a new module log4j-jpa. Fixes LOG4J2-2188 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.3 to 2.9.4. Fixes LOG4J2-2229 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Cannot see or copy all of certain JAnsi exception messages on Windows due to NUL characters. Fixes LOG4J2-2243 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.15 to 1.16.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2245 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Update MongoDB 3 module from driver 3.6.1 to 3.6.3. Fixes LOG4J2-2259 . ggregory
Update [SMTP] Update javax.mail from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2260 . ggregory
Update Update JAnsi from 1.16 to 1.17. Fixes LOG4J2-2264 . ggregory
Fix Strings::join, when called with [null] returns "null" instead of EMPTY. Fixes LOG4J2-2270 . Thanks to Cyril Martin. ggregory
Fix ConcurrentModificationException from org.apache.logging.log4j.status.StatusLogger.<clinit>( Fixes LOG4J2-2276 . Thanks to Sean Baxter. ggregory
Fix Allow EnvironmentPropertySource to run with a SecurityManager that rejects environment variable access. Fixes LOG4J2-2274 . Thanks to Sebastien Lannez. ggregory
Fix Allow SystemPropertiesPropertySource to run with a SecurityManager that rejects system property access. Fixes LOG4J2-2279 . Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory

Release 2.10.0 – 2017-11-18

Type Changes By
Fix XML Schema for DynamicFilterThreshold does not accept multiple KeyValuePairs. Fixes LOG4J2-2289 . Thanks to Hari Menon. ggregory
Add Properly escape newlines and other control characters in JSON. Fixes LOG4J2-2120 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Add Add property to disable message pattern converter lookups. Fixes LOG4J2-2109 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Add MapMessage should use deep toString for values. Fixes LOG4J2-2112 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Fix MapMessage supports both StringBuilderFormattable and MultiformatMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-2107 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Fix MapMessage JSON encoding will escape keys and values. Fixes LOG4J2-2102 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Fix Non-string value in MapMessage caused ClassCastException. Fixes LOG4J2-2101 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Add XML encoding for PatternLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2103 . mikes
Add Provide a native Log4j 2 implementation of Eclipse Jetty's org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.Logger. Fixes LOG4J2-2114 . ggregory
Add Allow filtering of line breaks in layout pattern. Fixes LOG4J2-1203 . Thanks to Robert Turner. mikes
Add Add a noop AppenderSkeleton for applications still using Log4j 1.x. Fixes LOG4J2-2098 . rgoers
Fix Log4j respects the configured "" property. Fixes LOG4J2-2091 . Thanks to Carter Douglas Kozak. mikes
Fix LevelMixIn class for Jackson is coded incorrectly. Fixes LOG4J2-2100 . ggregory
Fix Jansi now needs to be enabled explicitly (by setting system property `log4j.skipJansi` to `false`). To avoid causing problems for web applications, Log4j will no longer automatically try to load Jansi without explicit configuration. Fixes LOG4J2-2087 . Thanks to Andy Gumbrecht. rpopma
Fix AbstractDatabaseManager should make a copy of LogEvents before holding references to them: AsyncLogger log events are mutable. Fixes LOG4J2-2060 . rpopma
Update Split up log4j-nosql into one module per appender. Fixes LOG4J2-2076 . mikes
Update Upgrade picocli to 2.0.3 from 0.9.8. Fixes LOG4J2-2088 . rpopma
Add Add possibility of sending the key of a message to Kafka using KafkaAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2062 . Thanks to Jorge Sanchez. mikes
Add Modularize Log4j-api and make most other log4j jars automatic modules. Fixes LOG4J2-2056 . rgoers
Add Simplify log4j system property naming scheme. Fixes LOG4J2-1431 . mattsicker
Add Add global configuration environment SPI. Fixes LOG4J2-1809 . mattsicker
Update Provide support for overriding the Tomcat Log class in Tomcat 8.5+. Fixes LOG4J2-2025 . rgoers
Add Add fields with fixed values to JSON/XML/YAML layouts. Fixes LOG4J2-1694 . Thanks to Michal Dvořák. mikes
Add Provide ways to configure SSL that avoid plain-text passwords in the log4j configuration. The configuration may now specify a system environment variable that holds the password, or the path to a file that holds the password. Fixes LOG4J2-2054 . rpopma
Update Support new SLF4J binding mechanism introduced in SLF4J 1.8. Fixes LOG4J2-2057 . rgoers
Update Disable thread name caching by default when running on Java 8u102 or later. Fixes LOG4J2-2052 . rpopma
Fix If Log4j is used as the Tomcat logging implementation startup might fail if an application also uses Log4j. Fixes LOG4J2-2055 . rgoers
Update Update classes in in APIs from String to a PasswordProvider producing char[] for passwords. Fixes LOG4J2-1896 . rpopma
Fix Until this change, messages appeared out of order in log file any time when the async logging queue was full. With this change, messages are only logged out of order to prevent deadlock when Log4j2 detects recursive logging while the queue is full. Fixes LOG4J2-2031 . rpopma
Fix Exception java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException: cp65001 in 2.9.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2053 . ggregory
Fix Nested pattern layout options broken. Fixes LOG4J2-1216 . Thanks to Thies Wellpott, Barna Zsombor Klara, GFriedrich. ggregory
Fix Log4j1XmlLayout does not provide the entire stack trace, it is missing the caused by information. Fixes LOG4J2-2070 . Thanks to Doug Hughes. ggregory
Fix CompositeConfiguration supports Reconfiguration. PR #115. Fixes LOG4J2-2036 . Thanks to Robert Haycock. ggregory
Add Add org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.composite.CompositeConfiguration#toString(). Fixes LOG4J2-2071 . Thanks to Carter Kozak. ggregory
Fix Log4j-config.xsd should make AppenderRef optional for each Logger element. Fixes LOG4J2-2073 . Thanks to Patrick Lucas. ggregory
Fix The console appender should say why it cannot load JAnsi. Fixes LOG4J2-2074 . ggregory
Fix Wrong Apache Commons CSV version referenced in the Javadoc of CsvParameterLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-2085 . Thanks to István Neuwirth. ggregory
Update Update LMAX disruptor from 3.3.6 to 3.3.7. Fixes LOG4J2-2078 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.14 to 1.15. Fixes LOG4J2-2081 . ggregory
Update [TagLib] Update servlet-api provided dependency from 2.5 to 3.0.1. Fixes LOG4J2-2089 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Kafka kafka-clients from to 1.0.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2096 . ggregory
Update Update from Jackson 2.9.1 to 2.9.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2077 . ggregory
Update Jackson dependencies for 2.9.2 incorrectly bring in jackson-annotations 2.9.0 instead of 2.9.2. Fixes LOG4J2-2117 . ggregory

Release 2.9.1 – 2017-09-17

Type Changes By
Fix Prevent ConcurrentModificationException with AsyncLoggerConfig. Fixes LOG4J2-1988 . rpopma
Fix Prevent ConcurrentModificationException with AsyncLoggerConfig. Fixes LOG4J2-1914 . rpopma
Fix Increase default queue size for AsyncAppender from 128 to 1024. Fixes LOG4J2-2048 . rpopma
Fix Fix documentation to clarify disruptor-3.3.4 is now required for async loggers (previously the docs referred to disruptor-3.3.3 which was never released). Fixes LOG4J2-2035 . rpopma
Fix Inspect all known ClassLoaders to locate the service provider. Fixes LOG4J2-2030 . rgoers
Fix Java 9 StackLocator was not properly skipping the initial stack frames. Fixes LOG4J2-2028 . Thanks to Jason Tedor. rgoers
Update Use a class' canonical name instead of name to create its logger name. Fixes LOG4J2-2023 . ggregory
Fix java.lang.AbstractMethodError: javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory.setFeature(). Fixes LOG4J2-2026 . Thanks to Leon Finker. ggregory
Fix Marker examples should not use deprecated flow APIs. Fixes LOG4J2-2029 . Thanks to Fabrizio Cucci. ggregory
Fix ClassNotFoundException when making all loggers asynchronous under OSGi environment. Fixes LOG4J2-1936 . Thanks to Helber Belmiro. ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1 (fix for Java 9.). Fixes LOG4J2-2043 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons CSV from 1.4 to 1.5. Fixes LOG4J2-2044 . ggregory
Update Update javax.mail from 1.5.6 to 1.6.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2045 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.13 to 1.14. Fixes LOG4J2-2046 . ggregory
Update Update Cassandra driver from 3.1.0 to 3.1.4. Fixes LOG4J2-2047 . ggregory
Update Update Apache Kafka Client from to Fixes LOG4J2-2049 . ggregory

Release 2.9.0 – 2017-08-26

Type Changes By
Update Add support for DirectWriteRolloverStrategy to RollingRandomAccessFileAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-1928 . rgoers
Fix Prevent NullPointerException when a file name is specified with the DirectWriteRolloverStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-1833 . rgoers
Update RFC5424Layout now prints the process id. Fixes LOG4J2-2022 . rgoers
Update Remove default layout from KafkaAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-2020 . mikes
Fix Fix incorrect documentation for LoggerNameLevelRewritePolicy. Fixes LOG4J2-2018 . rpopma
Fix Parameter of mdcId in SyslogAppender has no default value. Fixes LOG4J2-922 . Thanks to angus.aqlu, Paul Burrowes. ggregory
Fix StyleConverter.newInstance argument validation is incorrect. Fixes LOG4J2-2001 . Thanks to Paul Burrowes. ggregory
Fix HighlightConverter converts all unrecognized levels to DEBUG. Fixes LOG4J2-1999 . Thanks to Paul Burrowes. ggregory
Fix SslSocketManager does not apply SSLContext on TCP reconnect. Fixes LOG4J2-2013 . Thanks to Taylor Patton, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Use a class' canonical name instead of name to create its logger name. Fixes LOG4J2-2023 . ggregory
Update Allow KeyStoreConfiguration and TrustStoreConfiguration to find files as resources. Fixes LOG4J2-2015 . ggregory
Update Replace JCommander command line parser with picocli to let users run Log4j2 utility applications without requiring an external dependency. Fixes LOG4J2-2011 . rpopma
Add Support printing multiple StructuredData elements in RFC5424Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-2008 . rgoers
Add Public API for parsing the output from JsonLayout/XmlLayout/YamlLayout into a LogEvent. Fixes LOG4J2-1986 . mikes
Update Allow maxLength of StructuredData to be specified by the user. Fixes LOG4J2-1984 . rgoers
Update Allow for bufferSize=0 in SMTP appender. Fixes LOG4J2-1071 . Thanks to Ben Ludkiewicz, Benjamin Jaton. ggregory
Add JsonLayout, XmlLayout and YamlLayout support 0-byte termination of log events. Fixes LOG4J2-1981 . mikes
Add Support capped collections for MongoDb appender. Fixes LOG4J2-1864 . Thanks to Matthias Kappeller. mattsicker
Fix Mark FileRenameAction as successful when using alternative ways to move files. Fixes LOG4J2-2016 . Thanks to Benjamin Jaton. ggregory
Fix No compression when using a separate drive in Linux. Fixes LOG4J2-2012 . Thanks to Benjamin Jaton. ggregory
Fix Log4j throws a java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException: cp65001. Fixes LOG4J2-1888 . Thanks to Misagh Moayyed. ggregory
Fix ConcurrentModificationException logging a parameter of type Map. Fixes LOG4J2-1990 . Thanks to Philippe Mouawad. ggregory
Fix SocketAppender will lose several events after re-connection to server. Fixes LOG4J2-1311 . Thanks to Xibing Liang. ggregory
Fix Consider the StringBuilder's capacity instead of content length when trimming. Fixes LOG4J2-1977 . Thanks to Jerry xnslong. ggregory
Fix Register log4j-core as an OSGi service. Skip tests for LOG4J2-1766 on MacOS. Use group "staff" for LOG4J2-1699 test on MacOS. Fixes LOG4J2-1971 . rgoers
Fix TcpSocketServer does not close accepted Sockets. Fixes LOG4J2-1994 . ggregory
Fix Log4J JUL Bridge and RMI Security Manager causes access denied ("java.util.logging.LoggingPermission" "control"). Fixes LOG4J2-1987 . Thanks to Andreas Felder. ggregory
Fix Log4j-config.xsd only allows one AppenderRef element for each Logger element. Fixes LOG4J2-1982 . Thanks to Christoph Lembeck. ggregory
Fix Fix default buffer size to match documentation (from 8102 to 8192 a.k.a. 8KB.). Fixes LOG4J2-1985 . Thanks to Kenneth McFarland. ggregory
Add Log4j2 will now print all internal logging to the console if system property `log4j2.debug` is defined with any value (or no value). Fixes LOG4J2-1813 . rpopma
Update Async Loggers no longer use deprecated LMAX Disruptor APIs. (Disruptor-3.3.3 or higher is now required.). Fixes LOG4J2-1261 . rpopma
Update Improved error message when misconfigured with multiple incompatible appenders targeting same file. Fixes LOG4J2-1908 . rpopma
Update Configurations with multiple root loggers now fail loudly. Fixes LOG4J2-1954 . rpopma
Update Deprecate SerializedLayout and remove it as default. Fixes LOG4J2-1958 . mikes
Update Disable DTD processing in XML configuration files. Fixes LOG4J2-1959 . mikes
Add Temporary compress directory during rollover (#88). Fixes LOG4J2-1766 . Thanks to Pierrick HYMBERT. ggregory
Update Fix docker build with jdk9 requirements (#84). Fixes LOG4J2-1950 . Thanks to Pierrick HYMBERT. ggregory
Update Add more detail to WARN "Ignoring log event" messages printed to the console after log4j was shut down. Fixes LOG4J2-1801 . rpopma
Add Added wrapper classes CustomLoggerGenerator and ExtendedLoggerGenerator to avoid class name with a dollar ($) character which has special meaning in many *nix command line environments. Fixes LOG4J2-1814 . rpopma
Add Added process ID (pid) pattern converter. Fixes LOG4J2-1884 . rpopma
Update Facilitate log4j use in Android applications: remove dependency on RMI and Management APIs from log4j-api. Fixes LOG4J2-1926 . rpopma
Add Configurable Log File Permissions with PosixFilePermission. Fixes LOG4J2-1699 . Thanks to Demetrios Dimatos, Pierrick HYMBERT. ggregory
Add Generate source jas for all test jars. Fixes LOG4J2-1945 . ggregory
Add JMS Appender does not know how to recover from a broken connection. Fixes LOG4J2-1934 . ggregory
Add JMS Appender should be able connect to a broker (later) even it is not present at configuration time. Fixes LOG4J2-1955 . ggregory
Update JMS Appender broker password should be a char[], not a String. Fixes LOG4J2-1956 . ggregory
Add Added methods ::writeBytes(ByteBuffer) and ::writeBytes(byte[], int, int) to ByteBufferDestination interface and use these methods in TextEncoderHelper where possible to prepare for future enhancements to reduce lock contention. Fixes LOG4J2-1874 . Thanks to Roman Leventov. rpopma
Fix CompositeConfiguration logs warning "Unable to determine URI for configuration." However, the reconfiguration is completed. Fixes LOG4J2-1912 . Thanks to R Ri. ggregory
Fix Dynamic reconfiguration does not work for filePattern of RollingFile. Fixes LOG4J2-1964 . Thanks to Pierrick HYMBERT. ggregory
Fix Reconfigure breaks DirectWriteRolloverStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-1961 . Thanks to Christian Vent. ggregory
Fix The eventPrefix attribute was being ignored in the RFC5424Layout. Fixes LOG4J2-1943 . rgoers
Fix JndiManager is not released when the JmsAppender builder catches an exception trying to build itself. Fixes LOG4J2-1953 . ggregory
Fix Improve the documentation of the DynamicThresholdFilter. Fixes LOG4J2-1911 . rgoers
Fix EOFException with FormattedMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-1929 . Thanks to Borys Sokolov. ggregory
Fix Trim levels read from properties file to remove trailing spaces. Fixes LOG4J2-1948 . Thanks to Michael Lück. ggregory
Fix ClassCastException: org.eclipse.osgi.internal.loader.SystemBundleLoader$1 cannot be cast to java.lang.ClassLoader. Fixes LOG4J2-1971 . Thanks to liwenxian2017. ggregory
Add Generic HTTP appender. Fixes LOG4J2-1442 . mikes
Add Add with(String, primitive) methods to org.apache.logging.log4j.message.MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-1935 . ggregory
Add Add forEach() methods to org.apache.logging.log4j.message.MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-1930 . ggregory
Add Add containsKey() methods to org.apache.logging.log4j.message.MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-1932 . ggregory
Update Support using java.util.ServiceLoader to locate Log4j 2 API providers. Fixes LOG4J2-1917 . rgoers
Update Include separator option of PatternLayout in manual (and other updates). Fixes LOG4J2-1966 . Thanks to M Sazzadul Hoque. ggregory
Add Support null byte delimiter in GelfLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-1854 . Thanks to Xavier Jodoin. mikes
Add Add support for Java 9 StackWalker. Fixes LOG4J2-1359 . rgoers
Add Warn when a configuration file for an inactive ConfigurationFactory is found. Fixes LOG4J2-1880 . mikes
Add Add an optional random delay in TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy. Fixes LOG4J2-1855 . Thanks to Anthony Maire. mattsicker
Fix More reliable checking for runtime dependencies. Fixes LOG4J2-1876 . mikes
Fix Fix configuration documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-1867 . mikes
Fix Ensure the ThreadLocal StringBuilder in ParameterizedMessage won't hold excessively much memory after logging a long message. Fixes LOG4J2-1858 . rpopma
Fix Fix documentation about default additivity value for loggers. Fixes LOG4J2-1885 . mattsicker
Fix ScriptEngineManager is not available in Android and causes a NoClassDefFoundError. Fixes LOG4J2-1920 . Thanks to Ajitha. ggregory
Fix Clarify Javadoc for AbstractTriggeringPolicy. Fixes LOG4J2-1989 . Thanks to Kenneth McFarland. ggregory
Fix Fix compiler warnings in LoggerConfigTest. Fixes LOG4J2-1993 . Thanks to Kenneth McFarland. ggregory
Update Move server components from log4j-core to new log4-server module. Fixes LOG4J2-1851 . mikes
Add Shortcut to add Property and KeyValuePair component in ConfigurationBuilder. Fixes LOG4J2-1860 . mikes
Add The JMS Appender should use a JMS MapMessage for a Log4j MapMessage. Fixes LOG4J2-1294 . ggregory
Update Refactor SimpleMessage to be concise and clear (#100). Fixes LOG4J2-1991 . ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.8.9 to 2.9.0. Fixes LOG4J2-2017 . ggregory
Update Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.3.6 to 0.4.0. Fixes LOG4J2-1868 . ggregory
Update Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1. Fixes LOG4J2-1960 . ggregory
Update Update ZeroMQ's JeroMQ from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2. Fixes LOG4J2-1974 . ggregory
Update Update Kafka client from to Fixes LOG4J2-1869 . ggregory
Update Update Kafka client from to Fixes LOG4J2-1962 . ggregory
Update Update JavaMail from 1.5.5 to 1.5.6. Fixes LOG4J2-1872 . ggregory
Update Update JAnsi from 1.14 to 1.15. Fixes LOG4J2-1879 . ggregory
Update Missing documentation for Max index limit in DefaultRolloverStrategy. Fixes LOG4J2-1877 . Thanks to Chandra Tungathurthi. ggregory
Update Add missing getters to classes in package Fixes LOG4J2-1899 . ggregory
Update Update JAnsi from 1.15 to 1.16. Fixes LOG4J2-1900 . ggregory
Update Update SLF4J from 1.7.24 to 1.7.25. Fixes LOG4J2- . ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.8.7 to 2.8.9. Fixes LOG4J2-1938 . ggregory
Update Update HdrHistogram from 2.1.8 to 2.1.9. Fixes LOG4J2-1970 . rpopma
Update Update javax.persistence from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1. Fixes LOG4J2-1975 . ggregory
Update Update org.osgi.core from 4.3.1 to 6.0.0. Fixes LOG4J2-1976 . ggregory

Release 2.8.2 – 2017-04-02

Type Changes By
Fix Fix JavaDoc on org.apache.logging.log4j.ThreadContext about inheritance. Fixes LOG4J2-1861 . mattsicker
Fix Fix JavaDoc about @Order and OrderComparator ordering. Fixes LOG4J2-1862 . Thanks to wangyuntao. mattsicker
Fix Fixed daylight savings time (DST) issue with FixedDateFormat. Fixes LOG4J2-1849 . rpopma
Fix Fix CassandraRule and unit tests on Windows. Fixes LOG4J2-1850 . Thanks to Ludovic Hochet. mattsicker
Fix Fix typo in %replace converter documentation. Fixes LOG4J2-1840 . Thanks to Pradeep Balasundaram. mattsicker
Fix Handle when LogEvent.getLoggerName() returns null in LoggerNameLevelRewritePolicy. Fixes LOG4J2-1846 . mikes
Fix Handle when LogEvent.getLoggerName() returns null in KafkaAppender. Fixes LOG4J2-1845 . mikes
Fix The default value of RandomAccessFileAppender.Builder append field is wrong. Fixes LOG4J2-1853 . Thanks to wangyuntao. ggregory
Add Add support for filtering input in TcpSocketServer and UdpSocketServer. Fixes LOG4J2-1863 . mattsicker
Add Add JSON encoding support to EncodingPatternConverter %encode{}. Fixes LOG4J2-1848 . mattsicker
Add Add support for appending common suffix to each line of throwable stack trace. Fixes LOG4J2-1843 . Thanks to Zilong Song. mattsicker
Add Add support for appending common suffix to each line of extended and root throwable stack trace. Fixes LOG4J2-1838 . Thanks to Zilong Song. mattsicker
Update Move integration tests to their own module to speed up build. Fixes LOG4J2-1827 . rgoers
Fix Fix documentation about the licensing for JeroMQ. Fixes LOG4J2-1835 . mattsicker
Fix Update the API version to 2.6.0. Fixes LOG4J2-1836 . rgoers
Fix NullPointerException in HtmlLayout. Fixes LOG4J2-1831 . Thanks to Edward Serebrinskiy. ggregory
Fix Log4j 2.8 can lose exceptions when a security manager is present. Fixes LOG4J2-1820 . Thanks to Jason Tedor. ggregory
Update Update Jackson from 2.8.6 to 2.8.7. Fixes LOG4J2-1856 . ggregory

Release 2.8.1 – 2017-02-26

Type Changes By
Fix Allow %i in file pattern to be preceded with characters other than just '-'. Fixes LOG4J2-1804 . Thanks to Pierrick Hymbert. rgoers
Update Update SLF4J to 1.7.24. Fixes LOG4J2-1822 . rgoers
Update Improved error message when log4j 2 configuration file not found. Fixes LOG4J2-1812 . rpopma
Update Update to use Logback 1.1.10 and then Logback 1.2 for tests. Fixes LOG4J2-1810 . rgoers
Update Update Jackson from 2.8.5 to 2.8.6. Fixes LOG4J2-1819 . ggregory
Fix Fix ClassNotFoundException org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.ExecutorServices in OSGi tests