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Returns information about the current connection, specifically the state of authenticated users and their available permissions.

{ connectionStatus: 1, showPrivileges: <boolean> }

connectionStatus supports the following optional field:

Field Type Description
showPrivileges boolean

Optional. Set showPrivileges to true to instruct connectionStatus to return the full set of privileges that currently-authenticated users possess.

By default, this field is false.


To run connectionStatus use the db.runCommand() method, as in the following:

db.runCommand( { connectionStatus: 1, showPrivileges: true } )


connectionStatus. authInfo

A document with data about the authentication state of the current connection, including users and available permissions.

connectionStatus.authinfo. authenticatedUsers

An array with documents for each authenticated user.

connectionStatus.authInfo.authenticatedUsers[n]. user

The user’s name.

connectionStatus.authInfo.authenticatedUsers[n]. db

The database associated with the user’s credentials.

connectionStatus.authinfo. authenticatedUserRoles

An array with documents for each role granted to the current connection:

connectionStatus.authinfo.authenticatedUserRoles[n]. role

The definition of the current roles associated with the current authenticated users. See Built-In Roles and Privilege Actions for more information.

connectionStatus.authinfo.authenticatedUserRoles[n]. db

The database to which role applies.

connectionStatus.authInfo. authenticatedUserPrivileges

An array with documents describing the actions granted to the current connection, grouped by resource.

connectionStatus.authInfo.authenticatedUserPrivileges[n]. resource

A document describing the database and, if applicable, collection to which connectionStatus.authInfo.authenticatedUserPrivileges[n].actions applies.

connectionStatus.authInfo.authenticatedUserPrivileges[n]. actions

An array listing the privilege actions that the connection has access to for the specified resource.

connectionStatus. ok

The return value for the command. A value of 1 indicates success.