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Session ( )

New in version 3.6.

The Session object for the connection in the mongo shell. To instantiate a session for the connection in the mongo shell, see Mongo.startSession(). For more information on sessions, see Client Sessions and Causal Consistency Guarantees.

Method Description
Session. getDatabase ( <database> )
Access the specified database from the session in the mongo shell.
Session. advanceClusterTime ( { clusterTime: <timestamp>, signature: { hash: <BinData>, keyId: <NumberLong> } } )
Updates the cluster time tracked by the session.
Session. advanceOperationTime ( <timestamp> )
Updates the operation time.
Session. endSession ( )
Ends the session.
Session. hasEnded ( )
Returns a boolean that specifies whether the session has ended.
Session. getClusterTime ( )
Returns the most recent cluster time as seen by the session. Applicable for replica sets and sharded clusters only.
Session. getOperationTime ( )
Returns the timestamp of the last acknowledged operation for the session.
Session. getOptions ( )
Access the options for the session. For the available options, see SessionOptions.


The following example starts a session on the Mongo connection object associated with the mongo shell’s global db variable, and then uses the Session.getDatabase() method to retrieve the database object associated with the session.

var session = db.getMongo().startSession();
db = session.getDatabase(db.getName());