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  • rs. printReplicationInfo ( )
    • New in version 2.6.

Prints a formatted report of the replica set member’s oplog. The displayed report formats the data returned by db.getReplicationInfo(). [1] The output of rs.printReplicationInfo() is identical to that of db.printReplicationInfo().


The rs.printReplicationInfo() in the mongo shell does not return JSON. Use rs.printReplicationInfo() for manual inspection, and db.getReplicationInfo() in scripts.

Output Example

The following example is a sample output from the rs.printReplicationInfo() method run on the primary:

configured oplog size:   192MB
log length start to end: 65422secs (18.17hrs)
oplog first event time:  Mon Jun 23 2014 17:47:18 GMT-0400 (EDT)
oplog last event time:   Tue Jun 24 2014 11:57:40 GMT-0400 (EDT)
now:                     Thu Jun 26 2014 14:24:39 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Output Fields

rs.printReplicationInfo() formats and prints the data returned by db.getReplicationInfo():

See db.getReplicationInfo() for description of the data.

[1]If run on a slave of a master-slave replication, the method calls db.printSlaveReplicationInfo(). See db.printSlaveReplicationInfo() for details.