3.2 Changelog

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3.2.22 Changelog


SERVER-38425 Oplog Visibility Query is a collection scan in 3.2.21


SERVER-37127 Update baseline comparison for sys-perf

3.2.21 Changelog


SERVER-35693 Parsing of $in takes quadratic time due to O(n^2) boost::flat_set constructor


  • SERVER-30724 Initial sync might miss ops that were in flight when it started

  • SERVER-34863 Disable LSM testing on 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6 branches


  • SERVER-35854 Log in 3.2 when client metadata is received

  • SERVER-36010 Change log messages for Windows stacktraces to use error() or severe() rather than log()

  • SERVER-36778 Make 3.2 client metadata log messages match 3.4+ format

Build and Packaging

SERVER-32999 Platform Support: remove Debian 7


  • SERVER-34371 Stop ignoring errors when the test fixture fails to delete data files

  • SERVER-34374 resmoke.py uses bytestrings for representing pathnames, leading to silently failing to clear the dbpath on Windows

  • SERVER-34380 system_perf.yml: Remove the compile_proxy task

  • SERVER-34540 Remove sleeptest from dbtests

  • SERVER-34793 Add call to BF suggestion server on failed task completion

  • SERVER-34851 Disallow index selection for identical min & max values on find

  • SERVER-34888 Track status of SSLPeerInfo

  • SERVER-34950 Use new sys-perf baseline 3.4.14-Baseline

  • SERVER-35071 Split MMAPv1 tasks into separate variants in sys-perf

  • SERVER-35108 Enable signal processing in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-35207 Don’t use json.get_history in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-35264 compile fails on sys-perf-3.4 // SERVER-34380

  • SERVER-35858 Error in call BF Suggestion service

  • SERVER-35960 Blacklist findAndModify_update_grow.js from concurrency_sharded_sccc* Evergreen tasks

  • SERVER-36462 Add atlas user to runtime_secret.yml

  • WT-3637 Fix a heap use after free from evicting of a page that just split.

  • WT-3710 Fix a race condition between concurrent page splits

  • WT-4045 Don’t retry fsync calls after EIO failure

3.2.20 Changelog


SERVER-34193 Limit recursive definition ASN.1 types with OpenSSL update


  • SERVER-12644 Move note about noprealloc hurting performance to startup warnings

  • SERVER-24785 backup_restore.js fails when observing FTDC interim files

  • SERVER-30114 Monitor cumulative time spent in tcmalloc spin lock

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-21317 Better fallback for builds with no version.json and no git repo

  • SERVER-31535 Platform Support: remove Ubuntu 12.04 builds

  • SERVER-31809 Start using toolchain python on macOS

  • SERVER-32923 Platform Support: remove SLES11 builds

  • SERVER-33184 Set LANG=C on ASAN Enterprise SSL Ubuntu 16.04 DEBUG to avoid “Invalid or no user locale set” error

  • SERVER-34149 Upgrade zlib to latest


  • SERVER-26790 bson_validate should verify OIDs can be skipped

  • SERVER-27408 burn_in_tests.py doesn’t always exclude tagged tests when generating outfile

  • SERVER-32241 applyOps reports success even when a nested applyOps fails.

  • SERVER-32522 set_read_and_write_concerns.js treats mapReduce “out” field like aggregation’s $out stage

  • SERVER-32583 Sys-perf update bootstrap variables to use proper ConfigDict Names

  • SERVER-32664 Sys-perf enable running baselines at lower priority

  • SERVER-32691 Create passthrough for w=”majority” with 2-node replica set to address lost test coverage

  • SERVER-33142 Experiment with disabling cluster reuse in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-33236 Update perf.yml to use ssh form of git clone

  • SERVER-33398 Add the new finer grained sys-perf tasks

  • SERVER-33670 Build mongo binaries with -ssl compile flag in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-33751 Auth when connecting to an existing cluster in ReplSetTest

  • SERVER-33848 Update compile flags for sys-perf and performance projects

  • SERVER-33970 New baselines for mongo-perf

  • SERVER-34140 remove multiple distro specification for single tasks in evergreen configs

  • SERVER-34681 Don’t use toolchain python on Linux 32-bit

  • WT-3533 eviction handle walk can race with handle re-open

  • WT-3590 Keep data consistent if writes fail during a clean shutdown

  • WT-3618 WT remove solaris from evergreen builds

  • WT-3994 Enhance WiredTiger Jenkins pull request tester for old branches

3.2.19 Changelog


  • SERVER-32446 Mongod crashes when config servers upgraded to RS

  • SERVER-32569 Introduce uniform way to allow config servers and shard replica sets to start in non-cluster mode


SERVER-32805 [v3.2] Increase timeout for election in initiate_without_replset_name_at_startup.js


SERVER-30189 Reduce calls to allocator for large $in expressions

Write Operations

SERVER-32048 Updates using a numeric path component may cause index entries not to be created


  • SERVER-31462 convertToCapped + renameCollection with dropTarget can cause a segfault

  • SERVER-32001 unindexing a key in a partial unique index may cause server crash


SERVER-30702 Stop printing stack traces in masserts

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-30853 Update Mongod init scripts to set unlimited locked memory

  • SERVER-32271 Bump minimum MacOS version to 10.8 on stable branches

  • SERVER-32932 When testing SLES 12 packages make sure required repos exist


  • SERVER-23770 Remove read_concern_majority_passthrough_WT on Enterprise RHEL 6.2 (inMemory) on 3.2 branch

  • SERVER-28396 resmoke.py’s logkeeper client should respect size limit for POST requests by splitting them up

  • SERVER-30770 system_perf.yml: Use new DSI interface and cleanup

  • SERVER-31380 Add metrics related to tcmalloc acquiring and decommitting memory from system

  • SERVER-31670 Change replica set fixture used by replica_sets_jscore_passthrough to make its secondary have zero votes

  • SERVER-31818 Add server parameter to disable MarkThread{temporary}Idle

  • SERVER-32087 Run test stage of sys-perf and mongo-perf failures should lead to red evergreen boxes

  • SERVER-32260 Call workload_setup.py from mongo repo

  • SERVER-32410 Validate User::CredentialData before attempting to perform authentication

  • SERVER-32527 Update package tests to use new BUILD2 VPC

  • SERVER-32740 Set bootstrap.ycsb_dir and bootstrap.workloads_dir in system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-32891 Sys-perf change order of mongodb_setup and workload_setup calls

  • SERVER-32896 Upload dsi-artifacts.yml in system_perf.yml

  • WT-3284 tree-walk restart bug

  • WT-3533 eviction handle walk can race with handle re-open

  • WT-3590 Keep data consistent if writes fail during a clean shutdown

  • WT-3618 WT remove solaris from evergreen builds

3.2.18 Changelog


  • SERVER-29649 Add startupWarning when a replset node is running with –nojournal but hasn’t set writeConcernMajorityJournalDefault to false

  • SERVER-29772 Provide option to 3.2 and 3.4 to allow initial sync to complete even when it encounters renameCollection entries

  • SERVER-29937 Make sure liveness timeouts cannot be missed

  • SERVER-31587 ReplBatcher has a long-running OperationContext

  • SERVER-31589 A primary’s SyncSourceFeedback only renews an OperationContext on role changes.

  • SERVER-32030 SyncTail::oplogApplication uses a long-running OperationContext (3.2/3.4)


SERVER-30009 MapReduce failure: missing ) in parenthetical


SERVER-29651 Interrupt signal is ignored when received inside certain functions.


  • SERVER-31101 WT table not dropped after collection is dropped due to long-running OperationContext

  • SERVER-31149 Enable recovery progress messages

  • SERVER-31403 Disable mongo-rocks variant on v3.2 and v3.4

  • SERVER-31590 WT yieldAndAwaitOplogDeletionRequest holds onto an OperationContext while blocking for an infrequent trigger


  • SERVER-19076 printShardingStatus/sh.status should pass a decent indent to tojson() for shard keys

  • SERVER-30361 mongod.conf bindIp option accept bogus parameters

  • SERVER-31176 mongo shell should use stderr for password prompt

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-23440 Two unittests have the same name causing unittest target to fail

  • SERVER-30166 Use of string instead of std::string in some source files prevents compilation

  • SERVER-31459 GPG Error - KEYEXPIRED 1507497109


  • SERVER-21933 Update README

  • SERVER-29287 Upgrade pcre to 8.41

  • SERVER-30241 Attach workloads html to evergreen task

  • SERVER-30482 Mongos should not close sessions to below the configured ShardingTaskExecutorPoolMinSize

  • SERVER-30891 perf.yml: make the -repl variants run frequently

  • SERVER-30964 Blacklist new_freelist_upgrade_downgrade.js from 3.2 multiversion_auth suite

  • SERVER-31006 Use the latest release of curator on all branches

  • SERVER-31108 Update baseline tag for microbenchmarks

  • SERVER-31440 Connpool HostTimeout races with callback lock acquire/release

  • SERVER-31516 NamespaceString’s no-arguments constructor results in an improperly initialized object, can later cause segfault

  • SERVER-31527 Rebaseline sys-perf after adjusting tests (3.4.9 and 3.2.17)

  • SERVER-31621 Sync buildscripts/scons.py across branches

  • SERVER-31717 Force C locale on Ubuntu 16.04 builders

  • SERVER-31957 Remove the timeseries support from etc/system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-32044 Use parameterized branch_name in performance projects

3.2.17 Changelog


SERVER-25855 Increase more timeouts in mongos_cache_invalidation.js


  • SERVER-29932 add asserts to mapReduce_inSharded_outSharded.js

  • SERVER-30333 Segfault in 3.2 when loading chunks with unknown shard

  • SERVER-30636 RangeDeleter assert failed because of replication lag

  • SERVER-31111 Add assert.commandWorked to migrateBig_balancer.js


  • SERVER-23148 patch multi_rs.js to ensure replSetMaintenance command succeeds

  • SERVER-26227 Increase waitForState timeouts in replicaset tests

  • SERVER-28192 priority_takeover_one_node_higher_priority jstest needs longer stepDownGuard

  • SERVER-28277 Need to increase timeout in read_committed_with_catalog_changes.js

  • SERVER-30049 applyOperation_inlock() allows exceptions from Collection::insertDocument() to percolate to caller

  • SERVER-30139 Increase waitForState timeout in replsetprio1.js


  • SERVER-23191 Group command needs to make a copy of the obj it passes to JS

  • SERVER-30875 Add support for a “no-owned bson” mode for JS Scopes

  • SERVER-30943 Segmentation fault on attempt to access an invalidated BSON Object in JS scope

  • SERVER-30971 Use of “scope” field in mapReduce triggers BSONObj ownership error


SERVER-30490 Compile RocksDB with USE_RTTI=1

Build and Packaging

SERVER-30558 Remove Solaris builds from master


  • SERVER-26389 Make javascript periodic interrupts disabled by default

  • SERVER-29087 system-perf.yml needs to be changed to use the new name for the timeseries html file

  • SERVER-29524 sys-perf: Call infrastructure_provisioning.py instead of infrastructure_provisioning.sh

  • SERVER-29565 Remove sys-perf compare tasks

  • SERVER-29714 Add Exception Message to Validate_Locale.cpp

  • SERVER-30124 Move static function-level variables in populateDocumentWithQueryFields to an anonymous namespace

  • SERVER-30433 Increase Watchdog Test timeouts

  • SERVER-30938 Enable ycsb-wmajority tests in system_perf.yml

  • WT-3219 Make the clang-analyzer job fail when lint is introduced

  • WT-3297 support the gcc/clang -fvisibility=hidden flag

  • WT-3327 Checkpoints can hang if time runs backward

  • WT-3331 Test format aborted due to time rollback

  • WT-3438 Don’t tune eviction thread count when the count is fixed

  • WT-3471 Clear out each session’s table cache

  • WT-3499 Checkpoint can miss not yet committed item

3.2.16 Changelog


  • SERVER-28578 When doing an upgrade from PV0 to PV1, we should not return from the reconfigure until the lastVote document is written.

  • SERVER-28815 multi_rs.js - step down primary during upgrade/downgrade without {force:true}

  • SERVER-29540 awaitNodesAgreeOnPrimary should log why it retries


3.2.15 Changelog


  • SERVER-26136 disallow_adding_initialized_node2.js should handle connection refused heartbeat message in DOWN node’s status or skip heartbeat message check

  • SERVER-28378 Extend secondary catch up period in priority_takeover_two_nodes_equal_priority.js

  • SERVER-28578 When doing an upgrade from PV0 to PV1, we should not return from the reconfigure until the lastVote document is written.

  • SERVER-28877 Cancel race in replication executor can cause elections to assert.


SERVER-26002 Spidermonkey interrupt callback can cause sleepmillis to return early


SERVER-27347 Only close idle cached cursors on the WiredTiger ident that is busy


  • SERVER-25789 WiredTiger sessions should be reset before returning to the cache


SERVER-29509 shell_history.js should tolerate extended file ACLs

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-29409 Reduce Amazon Linux Enterprise build to weekly

  • SERVER-29503 Migrate server build from 10.10 instances to new 10.12 instances


  • SERVER-29148 Increase run time for mongos tests in sys-perf

  • SERVER-29237 Add maxConnecting in asio connpool

  • SERVER-29433 Improve logging during ReplicaSetFixture initialization

  • SERVER-29485 Use vendorized YCSB in sys-perf.yml

  • SERVER-29516 Tools build on OS X needs to set -mmacosx-version-min in CGO_{C,LD}FLAGS

  • SERVER-29527 Use infrastructure_provisioning.sh and infrastructure_teardown.sh

  • SERVER-29646 hang_analyzer.py should send a SIGUSR1 to resmoke.py before attaching to any processes

  • SERVER-29680 Update perf.yml microbenchmarks replset config

  • WT-3158 Fix structure layout on Windows.

  • WT-3362 Cursor opens should never block for the duration of a checkpoint

  • WT-3369 WT_CURSOR->uri should always match the URI used to open the cursor

  • WT-3373 Access violation due to a bug in internal page splitting

3.2.14 Changelog


  • SERVER-25335 0002 umask yields world-readable .dbshell history file

  • SERVER-28014 When SSL mode is preferSSL, log connections that do not use SSL


  • SERVER-27701 mongos crashed with “Invariant failure remote.status.isOK()”

  • SERVER-28351 blacklist move_stale_mongos.js and split_stale_mongos.js from the continuous stepdown suite

  • SERVER-29365 v3.2 no-op applyOps doesn’t wait for majority writeConcern before returning.

  • SERVER-29385 v3.2: Add {_waitForDelete: true} to moveChunk commands in move_stale_mongos.js and cleanup_orphaned_basic.js


SERVER-28100 extend ReplSetTest.awaitNodesAgreeOnPrimary() to accept an optional expectedPrimaryIndex


SERVER-25764 ImplScope needs a background task to invoke it’s interrupt callback


SERVER-22053 Insertion of Array with undefined/null components.

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-29352 Disable SNMP integration for OS X enterprise builds

  • SERVER-26781 Add support for building with openssl 1.1.0

  • SERVER-27682 Add SCons variable files for the MongoDB GCC and clang toolchains

  • SERVER-28484 Remove timestamp from Linux package versions and filenames


  • SERVER-21842 Generate report.json file and dump stacks on Windows when Event object created by resmoke.py is set

  • SERVER-22582 Wrap assert.soon bodies in try catch in replsettest.js

  • SERVER-22921 Log network interface ASIO response at log level 2

  • SERVER-23684 async_stream_test - Expected: !(stream.isOpen())

  • SERVER-26452 renameCollection should handle write conflicts

  • SERVER-28109 Configure Mac OS X Builders to use toolchain OpenSSL headers

  • SERVER-28323 Don’t pass JavaScript scopes a function ID number

  • SERVER-28466 The hang analyzer should not attach to resmoke.py in Evergreen

  • SERVER-28710 vectorized send() should handle EWOULDBLOCK

  • SERVER-28996 MongoURI::connect can leak a DBClientInterface object on auth failure

3.2.13 Changelog


  • SERVER-22823 authCommands.js failure - shard filtered and unfiltered doc count mismatch after migration

  • SERVER-23915 Make {split,move}_stale_mongos.js wait for split to propagate to all config servers

  • SERVER-27460 RouterStageMerge::kill() can crash during mongos shutdown

  • SERVER-27864 SlaveOK reads against SCCC config server fail with error “all servers down/unreachable when querying”

  • SERVER-28447 Migration critical section for one collection will block finds for any other sharded collection

  • SERVER-28448 Shard find commands get unnecessarily serialized by the ShardingState refresh rate limiting


  • SERVER-22030 Abort if oplog is uncapped when starting in repl mode

  • SERVER-22291 ReplicationCoordinatorImpl::_requestRemotePrimaryStepdown doesn’t work

  • SERVER-22505 update requestVotes to use durable instead of committed to describe its OpTime

  • SERVER-23091 allow enough time for data load on OS X for resync_with_write_load.js

  • SERVER-23163 ReplicationExecutor::onEvent() should signal worker thread when the work is ready

  • SERVER-24536 nodes can run an election while stepping down

  • SERVER-24811 replSetFreeze command can result in a crash if used during a dry-run election

  • SERVER-25210 Deadlock in Master/Slave Startup on Windows 2008 R2

  • SERVER-25519 repl::checkForCappedOplog will segfault if the local database doesn’t exist

  • SERVER-25714 Don’t wait for db work in executor when upgrading protocol verison

  • SERVER-25977 Increase default assert.soon timeout to 5 minutes

  • SERVER-25995 raise timeout for priority takeover in replsets_priority1.js

  • SERVER-26076 Increase default ReplSetTest awaitReplication() timeout to 5 minutes

  • SERVER-26381 Increase timeout for waiting for node to become primary in priority_takeover_cascading_priorities.js

  • SERVER-26741 “Fatal Assertion 16360” triggered by temporary collections dropped when restarted in standalone mode

  • SERVER-26914 improve log messages for freshness checking

  • SERVER-27231 add failpoint to turn off re-evaluating sync sources, for jstests that manipulate chaining

  • SERVER-27352 Fix stepdown command in double_rollback.js

  • SERVER-27403 Consider term and rbid when validating the proposed sync source

  • SERVER-27794 Provide write concern to bulk insert in indexbg_drop.js

  • SERVER-27816 increase wtimeout in sync2.js

  • SERVER-27840 add wtimeout to write concerns in protocol_version_upgrade_downgrade.js

  • SERVER-27861 Make the failover in drain.js more reliable

  • SERVER-27966 last_vote.js should wait for replication before stepping down node 0 pre-reconfig

  • SERVER-28005 Oplog query network timeout is less than the maxTimeMs

  • SERVER-28041 remove awaitNodesAgreeOnPrimary() call in sync2.js

  • SERVER-28050 Reconnect connection after stepdown in read_committed_stale_history.js

  • SERVER-28096 Fix 3.2 jstest stepUp functions

  • SERVER-28110 Set secondaryCatchUpPeriodSecs smaller when requesting remote primary stepdown

  • SERVER-28135 stepdown.js should always fsyncUnlock() all secondary nodes

  • SERVER-28184 remove election_timing.js (and lib/election_timing_test.js)

  • SERVER-28278 Wait for desired sync source to replicate dummy write before running replSetSyncFrom in syncFrom shell helper

  • SERVER-28315 replBatchLimitBytes should be 100MB in MongoDB 3.2

  • SERVER-28686 rollback_after_sync_source_selection.js should wait for rollback to complete before stopping replica set

  • SERVER-28813 drop collection before doing dummy write in syncFrom helper


  • SERVER-26139 Need to abandon snapshot after replication spawns a background index build

  • SERVER-26734 indexStats action is not sufficient privileges for $indexStats operator

  • SERVER-28546 documents can erroneously be unindexed from a partial index


SERVER-27420 Aggregation should explicitly parse apart BSON Arrays


  • SERVER-21957 Circular JS objects cause use-after-free in ObjectWrapper::toBSON

  • SERVER-25192 Object.extend doesn’t handle null properties


  • SERVER-3181 Add option to listDatabases to only get db names, not size info

  • SERVER-23127 Add additional tests for read commited

  • SERVER-25318 Limit total memory utilization for bulk index builds

  • SERVER-27014 Disable inmem_full.js test until cache full handling is improved

  • SERVER-27807 creating a snapshot and registering it in the replcoord is not synchronous

  • SERVER-27936 fix improper release of locks in master/slave handleDuplicateDbName

  • SERVER-28038 Improve WiredTigerRecordStore invariants for capped visiblity

  • SERVER-28357 should not enforceQuota on MMAPv1 compact

  • SERVER-28548 mmap b-tree removals may cause index readers or writers to return invalid data

  • SERVER-28572 Update test case to use valid custom WiredTiger configuration values


  • SERVER-28026 Disable auto-tuning of WiredTiger eviction threads


  • SERVER-24963 Concurrent collection.drop() and system.indexes.count() can trigger an fassert

  • SERVER-27930 Accessing cursor with pending data after renaming collection may trigger fassert

  • SERVER-27996 Accessing system.namespaces cursor with pending data after removing namespaces may cause crash

  • SERVER-28022 Accessing cursor with pending data after forcing system.namespaces record move may cause crash


SERVER-28154 Race condition in ttl_sharded.js


  • SERVER-9492 Report host uptime/start-time

  • SERVER-16796 Increase logging activity for journal recovery operations

  • SERVER-21818 Capture system metrics in FTDC

  • SERVER-22707 MongoDB shell’s parsing of connection string uses incorrect regular expression

  • SERVER-24594 raise default write concern timeout for security shell helpers

  • SERVER-25179 Include only subset of memory statistics in diagnostic data

  • SERVER-25182 Add metric for number of CPUs

  • SERVER-25926 Windows audit bson output erroneously translates LF to CR LF

  • SERVER-26343 Inserting DBPointer.prototype into collection segmentation faults mongo shell

  • SERVER-28380 Add a test-only clearLog command for clearing out RamLog, use it in tests when checking for a specific log message

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-19986 clang-format.py lint fails in mci if files were deleted

  • SERVER-20540 Support compiling with split DWARF debug info

  • SERVER-22106 mongodb-org-3.2.0 on RHEL6 requires openssl>=1.0.1e

  • SERVER-24245 Migrate sanitizer builds to Ubuntu 16.04 images

  • SERVER-27140 Linux package smoke testing

  • SERVER-27836 Package smoke testing should retry verify step and not call converge

  • SERVER-28390 Mark link targets as Precious when incremental linking flags are enabled

  • SERVER-28417 Update to Mozilla ESR 38.8.0 [3.2]


  • SERVER-21539 Generate report.json file when resmoke.py receives a SIGUSR1

  • SERVER-22200 resmoke.py claims to mark a test as a failure, then reports it as an error

  • SERVER-23082 race in ThreadPoolTaskExecutor between scheduleWorkAt() and cancel()

  • SERVER-23959 option to allow disabling job object creation in smoke.py for win32

  • SERVER-24085 LockManager doesn’t grant all read requests on GlobalLock MODE_S grant

  • SERVER-24121 Client Spinlock should not be held while calling lock manager

  • SERVER-24350 Enabling SSL FIPS mode fails with unexpected error message on Ubuntu 16.04

  • SERVER-24572 Add support for collecting information from /proc/stat

  • SERVER-24595 enforce ismaster responses have ok:1 before negotiating protocol

  • SERVER-24605 Add support for collecting information from /proc/meminfo

  • SERVER-24606 Add support for collecting information from /proc/diskstats

  • SERVER-24607 Add Collector for system statistics

  • SERVER-24608 Add Windows performance counter collector

  • SERVER-24610 Add FTDC Collector for Windows Performance Counters

  • SERVER-24616 Add new getDiagnosticData command

  • SERVER-25218 Make connPoolStats useful

  • SERVER-25226 diagdata.js needs to wait for FTDC to startup

  • SERVER-25372 All builders required for patch builds should start with ‘!’ so that they sort first

  • SERVER-25385 gcc 6.1 warning: nonnull-compare in util/assert_util.h

  • SERVER-26101 DBDirectClient isn’t safe to auth

  • SERVER-26860 add more unittests for compatible-first locking policy

  • SERVER-27441 Improvements to Linux package smoke testing

  • SERVER-27687 ppc64le build incorrectly indicates pointer size of 32

  • SERVER-27700 WT secondary performance drops to near-zero with cache full

  • SERVER-27784 Remove httpget() from packager.py

  • SERVER-27827 Improve package smoke testing retry logic

  • SERVER-27920 Fix incorrect locking of Client context

  • SERVER-27983 Move sys-perf state to /data from $HOME

  • SERVER-28000 sys-perf: Organize all dsi yaml config files under configurations/

  • SERVER-28067 Update sys-perf.yml to copy over cluster.json

  • SERVER-28086 Update system-perf.yml tagged commit

  • SERVER-28147 Increase time out on sys-perf shard tests

  • SERVER-28169 Set eviction=(threads_min=1) in Microbenchmarks testing

  • SERVER-28259 Log time to establish egress connections through NetworkInterfaceASIO

  • SERVER-28287 Split sys-perf sharded cluster custom workloads task into multiple tasks

  • SERVER-28329 Remove comparison tasks from Microbenchmarks

  • SERVER-28426 Update etc/longevity.yml to use run_test.py instead of run-${test}.sh

  • SERVER-28430 Expose dropConnections() method on ConnectionPool through the NetworkInterface

  • SERVER-28489 MockStream should handle cancellation while it is paused

  • SERVER-28584 Remove initialsync_{WT|MMAPv1}_dr tasks from sys-perf

  • SERVER-28652 Add logging to track egress connection pool size

  • SERVER-28692 Move shell tarball generation to compile task

  • SERVER-28760 Add egress logging to legacy write path

  • SERVER-28833 FTDC for System Stats does not compile on 32-bit

  • TOOLS-1605 Conditionally create a Windows job object in smoke.py

  • WT-98 Update the current cursor value without a search

  • WT-2439 Enhance reconciliation page layout

  • WT-2771 Add a statistic to track per-btree dirty cache usage

  • WT-2790 Fix a text case false positive in test_sweep01

  • WT-2833 improvement: add projections to wt dump utility

  • WT-2898 Improve performance of eviction-heavy workloads by dynamically controlling the number of eviction threads

  • WT-2909 Create automatable test verifying checkpoint integrity after errors

  • WT-2990 checkpoint load live_open assertion failure

  • WT-2994 Create documentation describing page sizes and relationships

  • WT-3080 Python test suite: add timestamp or elapsed time for tests

  • WT-3082 Python test suite: shorten default run to avoid pull request timeouts.

  • WT-3083 Fix a bug in wtperf config dump

  • WT-3086 Add transaction state information to cache stuck diagnostic information

  • WT-3088 bug: Don’t evict a page with refs visible to readers after a split

  • WT-3091 Add stats to test_perf0001

  • WT-3092 Quiet a warning from autogen.sh

  • WT-3093 Padding the WT_RWLOCK structure grew the WT_PAGE structure.

  • WT-3097 Race on reconfigure or shutdown can lead to waiting for statistics log server

  • WT-3099 lint: static function declarations, non-text characters in documentation

  • WT-3100 test bug: format is weighted to delete, insert, then write operations.

  • WT-3104 Fix wtperf configs for eviction tests

  • WT-3105 Fix a deadlock caused by allocating eviction thread sessions dynamically

  • WT-3106 Add truncate support to command line wt utility

  • WT-3108 Also dump disk page size as part of metadata information

  • WT-3109 wording fix in transaction doc

  • WT-3110 Add more test cases for the WT command line utility

  • WT-3111 util_create() doesnt free memory assigned to “uri”

  • WT-3112 Handle list lock statistic not incremented in eviction server

  • WT-3113 Add a verbose mode to dump the cache when eviction is stuck

  • WT-3114 Avoid archiving log files immediately after recovery

  • WT-3115 Change the dhandle lock to a read/write lock

  • WT-3116 Python style testing in s_all may not execute correctly

  • WT-3118 Protect random-abort test against unexpectedly slow child start

  • WT-3120 Fix ordering problem in connection_close for filesystem loaded in an extension

  • WT-3121 In test suite create standard way to load extensions

  • WT-3127 bug: CPU yield calls don’t necessarily imply memory barriers

  • WT-3134 Coverity scan reports 1368529 and 1368528

  • WT-3135 search_near() for index with custom collator

  • WT-3136 bug fix: WiredTiger doesn’t check sprintf calls for error return

  • WT-3137 Hang in __log_slot_join/__log_slot_switch_internal

  • WT-3139 Enhance wtperf to support periodic table scans

  • WT-3144 bug fix: random cursor returns not-found when descending to an empty page

  • WT-3148 Improve eviction efficiency with many small trees

  • WT-3149 Change eviction to start new walks from a random place in the tree

  • WT-3150 Reduce impact of checkpoints on eviction server

  • WT-3152 Convert table lock from a spinlock to a read write lock

  • WT-3155 Remove WT_CONN_SERVER_RUN flag

  • WT-3156 Assertion in log_write fires after write failure

  • WT-3157 checkpoint/transaction integrity issue when writes fail.

  • WT-3159 Incorrect key for index containing multiple variable sized entries

  • WT-3161 checkpoint hang after write failure injection.

  • WT-3164 Ensure all relevant btree fields are reset on checkpoint error

  • WT-3170 Clear the eviction walk point while populating from a tree

  • WT-3173 Add runtime detection for s390x CRC32 hardware support

  • WT-3174 Coverity/lint cleanup

  • WT-3175 New hang in internal page split

  • WT-3179 test bug: clang sanitizer failure in fail_fs

  • WT-3180 fault injection tests should only run as “long” tests and should not create core files

  • WT-3182 Switch make-check to run the short test suite by default

  • WT-3184 Problem duplicating index cursor with custom collator

  • WT-3186 Fix error path and panic detection in logging loops

  • WT-3187 Hang on shutdown with a busy cache pool

  • WT-3188 Fix error handling in logging where fatal errors could lead to a hang

  • WT-3189 Fix a segfault in the eviction server random positioning

  • WT-3190 Enhance eviction thread auto-tuning algorithm

  • WT-3191 lint

  • WT-3193 Close a race between verify opening a handle and eviction visiting it

  • WT-3196 Race with LSM and eviction when switching chunks

  • WT-3199 bug: eviction assertion failure

  • WT-3202 wtperf report an error on in_memory=true mode : No such file or directory

  • WT-3203 bulk-load state changes can race

  • WT-3204 eviction changes cost LSM performance

  • WT-3206 bug: core dump on NULL page index

  • WT-3207 Drops with checkpoint_wait=false should not wait for checkpoints

3.2.12 Changelog


SERVER-26839 Improve readWriteDatabase role coverage


  • SERVER-24994 Assertion when sharded collection is dropped during metadata changes

  • SERVER-26987 Sharded find operations stall for several seconds during chunk migration


  • SERVER-21432 Allow slaveOk reads while in drain mode

  • SERVER-22136 Attach term metadata to UpdatePosition command

  • SERVER-24927 Ignore NamespaceNotFound errors during initial sync apply ops, because they are transient

  • SERVER-25860 Flatten / optimize fixup_info

  • SERVER-26106 Raise oplog socket timeout for rollback

  • SERVER-26117 renameCollection ‘c’ op should restart initial sync upon application

  • SERVER-26118 CollMod ‘c’ op: ignore metadata error when applying ttl-time changes

  • SERVER-26747 replSetStepDown should wait for last write to commit

  • SERVER-27024 Write additional test for new replSetStepDown behavior

  • SERVER-27050 Ensure upstream node doesn’t roll back after checking minvald

  • SERVER-27118 Default shutdown command’s ‘timeoutSecs’ argument to 10 seconds

  • SERVER-27123 Only update commit point via spanning tree

  • SERVER-27125 Arbiters in pv1 should vote no in elections if they can see a healthy primary of equal or greater priority to the candidate

  • SERVER-27149 Sync source selection doesn’t consider terms

  • SERVER-27154 replSetRequestVotes command should wait for durability

  • SERVER-27155 replSetRequestVotes records dryRun votes as real

  • SERVER-27157 replSetRequestVotes doesn’t synchronize between processing and recording request

  • SERVER-27164 Deadlock during oplog application when implicitly creating multiple collections on the same DB

  • SERVER-27196 add timeouts to stepdown_needs_electable_secondary.js

  • SERVER-27214 Disallow chaining in stepdown_needs_electable_secondary.js and stepdown_needs_majority.js

  • SERVER-27282 Clean up and fix bugs in RS rollback error handling

  • SERVER-27365 reconfig_without_increased_queues.js should initiate node 2 of its replicaset with priority 0

  • SERVER-27461 Retry connecting to shut down primary until failure in shutdown_primary.js

  • SERVER-27544 shutdown_primary.js shouldn’t try to disable rsSyncStopApply failpoint on primary

  • SERVER-27582 lastVote is not properly initialized

  • SERVER-27656 Ensure node 0 is not primary during reconfig in last_vote.js

  • SERVER-27657 last_vote.js should wait for reconfig to reach all nodes before continuing

  • SERVER-27783 Remove unnecessary lock in SyncSourceFeedback


  • SERVER-26492 2dsphere geoNear density estimator should stop once it exceeds $maxDistance

  • SERVER-26693 change indexbg1.js / indexbg2.js to wait on its spawned shell process before it finishes

  • SERVER-27042 Fix and modernize currentop.js

Write Operations

SERVER-24563 Secondary crash when inserting document into db with different case


  • SERVER-25865 $group operation is slow since MongoDB 3.2 on Windows

  • SERVER-27304 Create setParameter to make all aggregations which require merging select the primary shard as the merger


SERVER-25825 Authz test for user-defined roles does not properly manipulate privileges


  • SERVER-25004 Collection validator rule is mismatched across nodes after failed collMod command

  • SERVER-25286 Remove drop2.js dependency on count scan yield behavior

  • SERVER-27217 Allow nopreallocj to be specified in YAML config file


  • SERVER-25012 createIndex blocks for duration of checkpoint while holding locks

  • SERVER-26545 Remove fixed-size limitation on WiredTiger hazard pointers


SERVER-26989 3.2 should fail with helpful error message if started on featureCompatibilityVersion=3.4 data files

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-17368 Create windows SSL zip file with OpenSSL files

  • SERVER-24245 Migrate sanitizer builds to Ubuntu 16.04 images

  • SERVER-27063 Missing ‘main/binary-i386/Packages’ in Release file

  • SERVER-27151 Hash sum mismach on Ubuntu 14.04 of 3.2.x community version


  • SERVER-26162 simple_snmpwalk.js can fail spuriously if serverStatus logs the string “assert”

  • SERVER-26445 resmoke.py’s LoggerPipe threads can stop consuming output from their pipes for long periods

  • SERVER-26940 Network Interface ASIO Integration Test stress test opens too many connections on windows

  • SERVER-26981 Update mongo-perf

  • SERVER-27068 Fix Evergreen expansion script for 3.2

  • SERVER-27183 sys-perf: Add runtime.yml, runtime_secret.yml and bootstrap.yml modules to the ConfigDict system

  • SERVER-27202 Mark sys-perf cluster idle after regression runs

  • SERVER-27208 Update microbenchmarks to use next mongo-perf release

  • SERVER-27232 Refresh and Setup timeouts in the ASIO connpool can prematurely time out an operation

  • SERVER-27240 ConnectBG must not close() while the background thread is active

  • SERVER-27275 Longevity uploads compiled mongod archive to different url than sys-perf

  • SERVER-27343 Reduce Frequency of sys-perf runs

  • SERVER-27350 Enable access control for microbenchmarks in Evergreen

  • SERVER-27358 Socket::connect expects _timeout field to be in milliseconds

  • SERVER-27456 Microbenchmarks: Increase inMemorySizeGB and oplogSize

  • SERVER-27568 mongo-perf: Release 2017-01

  • SERVER-27618 Make NetworkInterfaceASIO stress test less stressful

  • TOOLS-1488 provide IO buffers to oplog archive intents

  • WT-283 Add a way to change persistent object settings

  • WT-2336 Add a test validating schema operations via file system call monitoring

  • WT-2402 Misaligned structure accesses lead to undefined behavior

  • WT-2670 Inefficient I/O when read full DB (poor readahead)

  • WT-2960 Inserting multi-megabyte values can cause pathological lookaside usage

  • WT-2962 Provide a way to configure builtin extensions

  • WT-2969 Possible snapshot corruption during compaction

  • WT-2984 Search of metadata for recently created collection gets WT_NOTFOUND

  • WT-3002 Allow applications to exempt threads from eviction.

  • WT-3004 lint: declare functions that don’t return a value as void

  • WT-3011 __wt_curjoin_open() saves the wrong URI in the cursor.

  • WT-3012 Test format hanging on LSM configurations

  • WT-3014 Add GCC/clang support for ELF symbol visibility.

  • WT-3015 Test format stuck with 2mb cache

  • WT-3016 Tests needed for systems without ftruncate

  • WT-3017 Hazard pointer race with page replace causes error

  • WT-3018 lint

  • WT-3020 LSM primary changes impact parallel-pop-lsm load time

  • WT-3021 Fixes needed for Java log cursor example, Java raw mode cursors, log cursors in raw mode

  • WT-3022 LSM operations get stuck in __wt_clsm_await_switch waiting for switch on tree to complete

  • WT-3023 Test format hang on zSeries

  • WT-3024 wtperf medium-lsm-compact test can hang

  • WT-3025 fix error path in log_force_sync

  • WT-3028 Workloads with all dirty pages could trigger diagnostic stuck check

  • WT-3030 Test failure indicating invalid key order during traversal

  • WT-3034 Add support for single-writer named snapshots.

  • WT-3037 Fix some outdated comments in logging

  • WT-3048 WiredTiger maximum size warning uses the wrong format.

  • WT-3051 Remove external __wt_hex symbol.

  • WT-3052 Improve search if an index hint is wrong

  • WT-3053 Review Python and Java calls to internal WiredTiger functions

  • WT-3054 Java PackTest, PackTest03 do not compile

  • WT-3055 Java AsyncTest faults

  • WT-3056 For cursors with projections, keys should be allowed

  • WT-3057 WiredTiger hazard pointers should use the WT_REF, not the WT_PAGE.

  • WT-3061 syscall test runs with checkpoint_sync=false and doesn’t acknowledge pwrite64

  • WT-3064 minor tree cleanups: .gitignore, NEWS misspelling

  • WT-3066 lint

  • WT-3068 Copy wtperf artifacts when running Jenkins tests

  • WT-3069 Fix build failures in LevelDB APIs

  • WT-3070 Fix search_near() for index cursor

  • WT-3071 Java: fix build with -Werror=sign-conversion

  • WT-3075 Document and enforce that WiredTiger now depends on Python 2.7

  • WT-3078 Fix a hang in the reconfiguration test.

  • WT-3084 Fix Coverity resource leak complaint.

3.2.11 Changelog


  • SERVER-25854 Change count() to itcount() in sharding_with_x509.js to avoid incorrect counts due to ongoing migrations

  • SERVER-26231 Remove printShardingStatus call from bouncing_count.js

  • SERVER-26365 mergeChunks fails with empty error message if merging chunks that were moved

  • SERVER-26484 Black-list jumbo1.js from continuous stepdown suite on 3.2 branch

  • SERVER-26737 Segmentation fault in mongos at shutdown due to unconstructed ClientCursorManager

  • SERVER-26859 AsyncResultsMerger replica set retargeting may block the ASIO callback threads

  • SERVER-26898 _migrateClone may hold WT snapshot for a long time


  • SERVER-7200 use oplog as op buffer on secondaries

  • SERVER-22472 rollback_index.js

  • SERVER-25145 During rollback (or w/minvalid invalid) select sync source based on end OpTime

  • SERVER-25486 increase wait time in slavedelay1.js to check replication delay

  • SERVER-25994 Allow applyOps to validate authorization permissions at the operation level

  • SERVER-26142 disable timing checks in election_timing.js

  • SERVER-26146 jstests/replsets/clean_shutdown_oplog_state.js should use ReplSetTest.initiate()

  • SERVER-26182 3.2 node syncing from a 3.0 node can crash due to too-large BSON during upconversion to find command reply

  • SERVER-26748 Don’t call for priority takeover when repl lagged

  • SERVER-26899 initialize_from_old_node.js should await replication before shutting down


  • SERVER-24168 Increase tolerance in SampleFromRandomCursorBasics::MimicNonOptimized

  • SERVER-24386 3.2.6 Segmentation Fault after a network problem


  • SERVER-23510 Fix index_retry.js and index_no_retry.js to not be timing-based

  • SERVER-25715 Stop leaking WiredTigerSessions at shutdown


  • SERVER-25312 invalid wiredTiger configString in the createIndexes command can fassert

  • SERVER-26753 Minor speed regression (13%) and ‘choppy’ performance in 3.4 vs 3.2


SERVER-26465 Log somap info when doing heap profiling

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-24662 Update to PCRE 8.39

  • SERVER-26583 MongoDB 3.4 packages appearing in 3.2 repo when running yum update

  • SERVER-26652 Invalid definitions in systemd configuration for debian


  • SERVER-21260 Sys-perf and longevity project to always upload log files even when there is a system failure.

  • SERVER-23379 MongoDB Enterprise compiled on OS X 10.10 fails to start on OS X 10.8

  • SERVER-24055 Increase wtimeout in chaining_removal.js

  • SERVER-25546 Handle slaveDelay as part of op batching on secondaries

  • SERVER-25777 StopMongoProgram shouldn’t implicitly switch to SIGKILL

  • SERVER-25919 Rewrite NetworkInterfaceASIO stress test

  • SERVER-26167 mongo-perf: Remove wt-mmap comparison variants

  • SERVER-26406 sys-perf, mongo-perf: Add Evergreen task to the post test analysis override json files

  • SERVER-26477 Use non-throwing variant of asio::basic_socket::cancel

  • SERVER-26647 Report additional timeout information in NetworkInterfaceASIO

  • SERVER-26689 Update call to setup-cluster.sh in system-perf.yml and longevity.yml

  • SERVER-26813 Enable longevity performance test for 3.2 branch

  • TOOLS-1488 provide IO buffers to oplog archive intents

  • WT-1592 Dump detailed cache information via statistics

  • WT-2403 Enhance random cursor implementation for LSM trees

  • WT-2415 Add option for join cursors to return false positives from a Bloom filter

  • WT-2831 Skip creating a checkpoint if there have been no changes

  • WT-2858 rename wtperf’s CONFIG structure

  • WT-2880 Add support for Zstandard compression

  • WT-2895 Reduce the runtime of make check testing with disable long

  • WT-2904 Fix a bug where the reported checkpoint size could be many times data size

  • WT-2907 Bug in Java ConcurrentCloseTest case

  • WT-2917 split wtperf’s configuration into per-database and per-run parts

  • WT-2920 Add statistic tracking application thread cache maintenance time

  • WT-2931 Configure default in-memory dirty cache usage lower

  • WT-2932 Allow applications to selectively ignore cache limit with in-memory configuration

  • WT-2933 Fix a race between named snapshots and checkpoints

  • WT-2937 test_inmem01 aborts due to stuck cache

  • WT-2938 Assembly files should end in .sx, not .S

  • WT-2941 Improve test/format to use faster key-generation functions

  • WT-2942 verbose strings don’t need newline

  • WT-2945 Occasional hang running reconfigure fuzz test

  • WT-2946 dist/s_docs incompatible with OS X Xcode installation

  • WT-2947 test suite populate functions need refactoring

  • WT-2948 simplify error handling by making epoch time return never fail

  • WT-2949 Add an option to wtperf to not close connection on shutdown

  • WT-2950 Inserting multi-megabyte values can cause large in-memory pages

  • WT-2953 Test format failure - stuck cache with 1/42MB dirty

  • WT-2954 Inserting multi-megabyte values can cause large in-memory pages

  • WT-2955 Add statistics tracking the amount of time threads spend waiting for high level locks

  • WT-2956 utility tests -h option is always overridden by the default setup

  • WT-2959 Ensure WT_SESSION_IMPL is never used before it’s initialized

  • WT-2961 Add a version drop-down to the web version of the docs

  • WT-2963 Race setting max_entries during eviction

  • WT-2964 WTPERF parallel-pop-btree hung in populate phase

  • WT-2965 test_wt2323_join_visibility can hang on OSX

  • WT-2968 backup cursor opens every file

  • WT-2971 Add documentation for raw-compression to the tune_compression page in WT docs

  • WT-2974 lint

  • WT-2975 Reduce the memory allocated for statistics

  • WT-2976 Add a statistic tracking how long application threads spend doing I/O

  • WT-2977 Csuite LSM Random test can occasionally fail

  • WT-2985 Race during checkpoint can cause a core dump

  • WT-2987 Fix a bug where opening a cursor on an incomplete table drops core

  • WT-2988 __wt_epoch potentially returns garbage values.

  • WT-2991 Coverity issue 1365198

  • WT-2998 Add error messages to error returns that might be confusing.

  • WT-2999 Memory leak in join WT_CURSOR with custom extractor

  • WT-3001 WT_EXTENSION_API references are named inconsistently.

  • WT-3003 log generation should not auto generate the record and op types

  • WT-3005 Add top-level .gitignore file.

  • WT-3007 Remove duplicated word in comment

  • WT-3008 Run wtperf stress testing against all maintained branches

  • WT-3009 Test format hung/aborted with small cache (sub 10mB)

3.2.10 Changelog


  • SERVER-23598 Race in config.version intialization

  • SERVER-25516 Add setParameter option to 3.2 to prevent the replica set monitor from ever giving up on monitoring a set

  • SERVER-25527 Send the version of the chunk being moved as part of the shard moveChunk and splitChunk commands

  • SERVER-25574 Remove jstest/core/hashtest.1js

  • SERVER-25602 splitChunk command with out of bound splitKeys fails, but still updates the chunks


  • SERVER-22136 Attach term metadata to UpdatePosition command

  • SERVER-24254 Wait for nodes to agree on primary in maxSyncSourceLagSecs.js and chaining_removal.js

  • SERVER-24926 replset8.js should call ReplSetTest.awaitReplication() to be consistent with comment in test.

  • SERVER-25946 increase failover limit in election_timing.js


  • SERVER-24320 Planner can attempt to use invalid index when using plan cache due to plan cache key / MatchExpression sorting inconsistency

  • SERVER-24901 rollback5.js should not depend on size storer value to get collection size

  • SERVER-25443 Remove Linux (Decimal Enabled) test variant

  • SERVER-25951 MongoDB 3.2: Report additional metrics in getMore slowms logging

Write Operations

SERVER-16801 update considers a change in numerical type to be a noop


SERVER-25039 Aggregation can attempt to re-plan after collection has been dropped


SERVER-25056 ImplScope should check interruptability against an opctx


  • WT-2863 Support UTF-8 paths on Windows

  • WT-2865 eviction thread error failure

  • WT-2026 Maximum pages size at eviction too large

  • WT-2221 Document which statistics are available via a “fast” configuration vs. an “all” configuration

  • WT-2233 Investigate changing when the eviction server switches to aggressive mode.

  • WT-2239 Make sure LSM cursors read up to date dsk_gen, it was racing with compact

  • WT-2323 Allocate a transaction id at the beginning of join cursor iteration

  • WT-2843 Fix a bug in recovery if there is no filesystem truncate support

  • WT-2846 Several bugs related to reconfiguring eviction server at runtime

  • WT-2353 Failure to create async threads as part of a wiredtiger_open call will cause a hang

  • WT-2380 Make scripts fail if code doesn’t match style

  • WT-2486 Update make check so that it runs faster

  • WT-2555 make format run on Windows

  • WT-2578 remove write barriers from the TAILQ_INSERT_XXX macros

  • WT-2631 nullptr is passed for parameters marked with attribute non-null

  • WT-2638 ftruncate may not be supported

  • WT-2645 wt dump: push the complexity of collecting metadata into a dump cursor

  • WT-2648 cache-line alignment for new ports

  • WT-2665 Limit allocator fragmentation in WiredTiger

  • WT-2678 The metadata should not imply that an empty value is true

  • WT-2688 configure –enable-python doesn’t check for availability of swig

  • WT-2693 Check open_cursor error paths for consistent handling

  • WT-2695 Integrate s390x accelerated crc32c support

  • WT-2719 add fuzz testing for WiredTiger options and reconfiguration.

  • WT-2728 Don’t re-read log file headers during log_flush

  • WT-2731 Raw compression can create pages that are larger than expected

  • WT-2732 Coverity analysis defect 99665: Redundant test

  • WT-2734 Improve documentation of eviction behavior

  • WT-2737 Scrub dirty pages rather than evicting them

  • WT-2738 Remove the ability to change the default checkpoint name

  • WT-2739 pluggable file systems documentation cleanups

  • WT-2743 Thread count statistics always report 0

  • WT-2744 partial line even with line buffering set

  • WT-2746 track checkpoint I/O separately from eviction I/O

  • WT-2751 column-store statistics incorrectly calculates the number of entries

  • WT-2752 Fixes to zipfian wtperf workload config

  • WT-2755 flexelint configuration treats size_t as 4B type

  • WT-2756 Upgrade the autoconf archive package to check for swig 3.0

  • WT-2757 Column tables behave differently when column names are provided

  • WT-2759 Releasing the hot-backup lock doesn’t require the schema lock.

  • WT-2762 wtstats tool fails if checkpoint runs

  • WT-2763 Unit test test_intpack failing on OSX

  • WT-2764 Optimize checkpoints to reduce throughput disruption

  • WT-2765 wt dump: indices need to be shown in the dump output

  • WT-2766 Don’t count eviction of lookaside file pages for the purpose of checking stuck cache

  • WT-2767 test suite needs way to run an individual scenario

  • WT-2769 Update documentation to reflect correct limits of memory_page_max

  • WT-2770 Add statistics tracking schema operations

  • WT-2772 Investigate log performance testing weirdness

  • WT-2773 search_near in indexes does not find exact matches

  • WT-2774 minor cleanups/improvements

  • WT-2778 Python test suite: make scenario initialization consistent

  • WT-2779 Raw compression created unexpectedly large pages on disk

  • WT-2781 Enhance bulk cursor option with an option to return immediately on contention

  • WT-2782 Missing a fs_directory_list_free in ex_file_system.c

  • WT-2783 wtperf multi-btree.wtperf dumps core on Mac

  • WT-2785 Scrub dirty pages rather than evicting them: single-page reconciliation

  • WT-2787 Include src/include/wiredtiger_ext.h is problematic

  • WT-2788 Java: freed memory overwrite during handle close can cause JNI crash

  • WT-2791 Enhance OS X Evergreen unit test

  • WT-2793 wtperf config improvements

  • WT-2795 Update documentation around read-only configuration

  • WT-2796 Memory leak in reconciliation uncovered by stress testing

  • WT-2800 Illegal file format in test/format on PPC

  • WT-2801 Crash vulnerability from eviction of metadata during checkpoint

  • WT-2803 Add verbose functionality to WT Evergreen tests

  • WT-2804 Don’t read values in a tree without a snapshot

  • WT-2805 Infinite recursion if error streams fail

  • WT-2806 wtperf allocation size off-by-one

  • WT-2807 Switch Jenkins performance tests to tcmalloc

  • WT-2811 Reconciliation asserts that transaction time has gone backwards

  • WT-2812 Error when reconfiguring cache targets

  • WT-2813 small cache usage stuck even with large cache

  • WT-2814 Enhance wtperf to support single-op truncate mode

  • WT-2816 Improve WiredTiger eviction performance

  • WT-2817 Investigate performance regression in develop, add workload to wtperf/runners

  • WT-2818 The page visibility check when queuing pages for eviction is overly restrictive

  • WT-2820 add gcc warn_unused_result attribute

  • WT-2822 panic mutex and other functions that cannot fail

  • WT-2823 support file handles without a truncate method

  • WT-2824 wtperf displays connection and table create configurations twice

  • WT-2826 clang38 false positive on uninitialized variable.

  • WT-2827 checkpoint log_size configuration improvements

  • WT-2828 Make long wtperf tests reflect mongoDB usage

  • WT-2829 Switch automated testing to use enable-strict configure option

  • WT-2832 Python test uses hard-coded temporary directory

  • WT-2834 Join cursor: discrepancy with bloom filters

  • WT-2835 WT_CONNECTION.leak-memory can skip memory map and cache cleanup

  • WT-2838 Don’t free session handles on close if leak memory is configured

  • WT-2839 lint: Ignoring return value of function

  • WT-2840 clang analysis: garbage values

  • WT-2841 Jenkins Valgrind runner is reporting errors in test wt2719_reconfig

  • WT-2847 Merge fair locks into read/write locks.

  • WT-2850 clang 4.1 attribute warnings when building

  • WT-2853 Multi threaded reader writer example shows temporary slowdown or lockup

  • WT-2857 POSIX ftruncate calls should be #ifdef’d HAVE_FTRUNCATE

  • WT-2862 Fix lint error in test case for forced eviction with multiple cursors

  • WT-2866 Eviction server algorithm tuning

  • WT-2867 Review and fix barrier usage in __lsm_tree_close

  • WT-2868 Add sample_interval to checkpoint-stress wtperf config

  • WT-2869 Performance regression on secondaries

  • WT-2870 Rename wtperf checkpoint schema jobs

  • WT-2871 __wt_verbose has the wrong GCC format attributes

  • WT-2872 Recent stuck cache test/stress failures.

  • WT-2873 Refactor CRC32 code

  • WT-2875 Test test_wt2853_perf can run too long under valgrind

  • WT-2876 Extend wtperf to support a log like table

  • WT-2878 Verbose changes affected performance

  • WT-2881 Add -Wpedantic to clang compiler warning flags

  • WT-2883 wiredtiger_open with verbose=handleops recursive loop

  • WT-2885 __wt_checkpoint_signal lint

  • WT-2886 Decide how in-memory configuration and eviction_dirty_target interact

  • WT-2888 Switch functions to return void where possible

  • WT-2892 hot backup can race with block truncate

  • WT-2896 Coverity #1362535: resource leak

  • WT-2897 Checkpoints can become corrupted on failure

  • WT-2901 Add option to disable checkpoint dirty stepdown phase

  • WT-1162 Add latency to Jenkins wtperf tests and plots

  • SERVER-25843 Coverity analysis defect 99856: Redundant test

  • SERVER-25845 Coverity analysis defect 99859: Explicit null dereferenced

  • SERVER-25846 Coverity analysis defect 99861: Dereference after null check


SERVER-25451 gridfs.js should shard sharded_files_id_n.fs.chunks with key {files_id: 1, n: 1} and unique=true


  • SERVER-22491 replace db.serverStatus().uptimeEstimate test in dbadmin.js with C++ test

  • SERVER-25080 MongoDB 3.2.8 ignores ulimit in systemd distributions

  • SERVER-25478 Use wtimeout in sh.setBalancerState

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-12048 Calling “service mongod start” with mongod running prevents “service mongod stop” from working

  • SERVER-19986 clang-format.py lint fails in mci if files were deleted

  • SERVER-24885 The systemd MaxTasks feature can prevent mongod from accepting new connections

  • SERVER-25594 update to latest curator build for repo publishing

  • SERVER-25786 Remove buildscripts/update-vendor-wiredtier

  • SERVER-25793 update curator for s3 improvements

  • SERVER-25815 Remove Ubuntu 14.10 build from v3.2 and v3.0 branch

  • SERVER-25908 Simplify repo.mongodb.(com|org) repository layout.


  • TOOLS-1035 Don’t create intents for system.profile.metadata.json files

  • TOOLS-1140 tools do not respect readPreference=secondary when connecting to a mongos

  • TOOLS-1223 Mongodump SSL and GSSAPI authentication

  • TOOLS-1268 No numeric version in –version output

  • TOOLS-1277 Backport to v3.2

  • TOOLS-1365 Issue only one ApplyOps cmd per oplog entry


  • SERVER-22150 multiversion download script should use new feeds rather than dl.mongodb.org

  • SERVER-22368 Parameterize branch in etc/perf.yml

  • SERVER-22496 Add aggregation performance task

  • SERVER-23819 buildlogger client requests should use basic auth instead of digest auth

  • SERVER-24719 Run the Validate hook on the 3.2 branch

  • SERVER-25324 Expose a function in the shell to compare BSON at a byte level

  • SERVER-25348 Parameterize branch in etc/system-perf.yml

  • SERVER-25358 resmoke does not terminate mongod cleanly on Windows

  • SERVER-25391 Update v3.2 and master builders to use the vendored SCons 2.5.0

  • SERVER-25416 killop_own_ops.js should use failpoints instead of long running $where

  • SERVER-25465 Mongos crashing due to segmentation error.

  • SERVER-25578 Update parameter name of reports directory passed in to post run analysis scripts (sys-perf & perf projects)

  • SERVER-25580 New baseline for mongo-perf Q3 2016

  • SERVER-25587 blacklist findAndModify_update_and_grow

  • SERVER-25627 Remove the concurrency_simultaneous suite from v3.2

  • SERVER-25672 Update compile task distro for mongo-perf-3.2, sys-perf-3.2, and mongo-perf-3.0

  • SERVER-25711 Replace occurance of ‘sslspecial’ with ‘sslSpecial’ in v3.2 evergreen.yml

  • SERVER-25784 sys-perf-3.2 project should include “platform” expansion

  • SERVER-25947 jsCore_v33_validate should set multiversion_platform_arch

  • SERVER-26041 Use bsonBinaryEqual in checkDBHashesForReplSet

  • TOOLS-1371 mongorestore assumes admin.system.version only contains authSchema document

3.2.9 Changelog


SERVER-17856 users on mongods should always be able to run currentOp and killOp on their own operations


  • SERVER-23958 DBConfig::_loadIfNeeded will not do a reload even in cases where a force reload is needed

  • SERVER-24810 Swap movePrimary command for ShardingTest::ensurePrimaryShard

  • SERVER-24842 ShardingStateRecovery::recover cleanup should not wait for replication

  • SERVER-24892 “Creating first chunks failed: Data inconsistency detected amongst config servers” when using 3.2.3+ without replica set config servers

  • SERVER-25029 Segmentation fault in mongos when config servers not available

  • SERVER-25052 csrs_upgrade_set_shard_version.js test is racy

  • SERVER-25254 Only advance config server optime in response to messages from cluster members

  • SERVER-25258 Improve parsing of killOp opID in mongos


  • SERVER-22136 Attach term metadata to UpdatePosition command

  • SERVER-23795 master/slave looks at on-disk size on a resync

  • SERVER-24630 Mongos erroneously advances config optime for writes that fail write concern

  • SERVER-24933 Clean shutdown of secondaries should occur in between oplog batches, not during

  • SERVER-25353 Clean shutdown should leave secondaries without the batch-in-progress flag


  • SERVER-24693 group7.js should deterministically check for yields

  • SERVER-24761 Queries being planned with the subplanner can ignore when the PlanExecutor is killed


SERVER-16910 sorth.js makes invalid assumption about order of results


  • SERVER-23659 Provide useful message when wiredTigerJournalCompressor is changed

  • SERVER-24334 Support conditional files in WiredTiger builds

  • WT-2711 Change statistics log configuration options

  • WT-2730 cursor next/prev can return the wrong key/value pair when crossing a page boundary

  • WT-2760 Fix a bug in backup related to directory sync. Change the filesystem API to make durable the default

  • WT-2798 Crash vulnerability with nojournal after create during checkpoint

  • WT-2802 Transaction commit causes heap-use-after free


  • SERVER-20239 Built-in sampling heap profiler

  • SERVER-22347 Mongo shell replica set connections must use legacy readMode

  • SERVER-22383 mongo shell should permit mongodb:// URI without database name

  • SERVER-23069 Improve tcmalloc freelist statistics

  • SERVER-23145 Shell sharding helpers should give feedback on success

  • SERVER-23409 Add tunability to tcmalloc serverStatus detail

  • SERVER-23830 On RHEL7/Centos7 mongod can’t stop if pid location in conf differs from the init.d script

  • SERVER-24335 Shell sharding helpers should use wtimeout and respond appropriately

Build and Packaging


TOOLS-1336 Make –version spit out a bit more information.


  • SERVER-22860 Port resmoke.py’s ValidateCollections hook to JavaScript

  • SERVER-23226 Port resmoke.py’s CheckReplDBHash hook to javascript

  • SERVER-23306 Check collection attributes during (js) testing

  • SERVER-23661 $sample takes disproportionately long time on newly created collection

  • SERVER-23902 Failing to create a thread should fail with a useful error message

  • SERVER-24073 Update system perf, longevity, and distributed correctness projects to use dedicated work directory

  • SERVER-24346 Run jstestfuzz on rhel55-test instead of rhel55

  • SERVER-24593 virtualenv used for ese test should not use system-site-package

  • SERVER-24716 Remove the CheckReplDBHashDeprecated hook

  • SERVER-24758 Move initial_sync suite of tests into its own tasks in sys-perf project

  • SERVER-24820 move push tasks to use relevant ec2 distro rather than rhel55

  • SERVER-24919 Perf.yml should consistently call pip install in venv

  • SERVER-24925 add url_raw field to resmoke

  • SERVER-24946 Evergreen.yml test for storageEngineCacheSizeGB cannot use [[ ]]

  • SERVER-24990 Update command_line_parsing.js to ignore cacheSizeGB in configuration comparison

  • SERVER-25006 Connection Pool ASIO must indicate use separately from non-error

  • SERVER-25074 make performance analysis run with log analysis

  • SERVER-25146 JS replset dbhash hook fails when checking nindexes with a collection containing a background index

  • SERVER-25169 for all branches earlier than master, change rhel55 compile distro to rhel55-large

  • SERVER-25193 Update system_perf.yml to simplify patch builds

  • SERVER-25198 Increase scons stack size for eslint

  • SERVER-25199 performance project: enable time logic for log analysis

  • SERVER-25212 work around stale dbhash value on v3.2

  • SERVER-25259 Drop temporary databases in dbhash testing hook

  • SERVER-25273 Concurrency suite dbHash check should call checkDBHashesFsyncLocked

  • SERVER-25274 Make checkDBHashesFsyncLocked from jstests/hooks/check_repl_dbhash.js, an internal function

  • SERVER-25302 turn on YCSB throughput analysis for YCSB tasks in sys-perf

  • SERVER-25330 Update system_perf.yml to use different test_control file for replica and sharded ycsb

  • TOOLS-1079 write_concern_mongos jstests are flaky

  • TOOLS-1176 –dumpDbUsersAndRoles without users creates broken dumps

3.2.8 Changelog


SERVER-24432 Update clusterMonitor role support reading from local.sources


  • SERVER-23780 Remove multi_host_query_test

  • SERVER-23930 Race condition between addShard and ShardRegistry reload

  • SERVER-24031 Prevent cleanupOrphan from deleting migrating chunk data before commit


  • SERVER-23643 gate state transitions in replsetprio1.js

  • SERVER-23853 replsetprio1.js should wait for replication before stopping highest priority node

  • SERVER-24424 initial_sync2.js awaitReplication fails when slave2 becomes primary after step 11

  • SERVER-24639 blacklist create_index_background.js in backup_restore.js

  • SERVER-24690 wait for replication before shutting down in backup_restore.js

  • SERVER-24700 fix erroneous curop assumption in stepdown_kill_other_ops.js

  • SERVER-24773 Secondary block on initialSync when the next oplog needed was removed on primary


SERVER-24441 Change geo_full.js to not create points near the poles

Write Operations

SERVER-22422 Test that write commands support writeConcern


SERVER-24369 Surpress ssl_fips.js test assertation on Ubuntu 16.04


  • SERVER-22723 Invariant failure using copydb

  • SERVER-23761 Prevent users from downgrading 3.4=>3.2 if any collection has an index with a non-default collation

  • SERVER-24194 Queued table drops within the WiredTiger KVEngine can compete with each other


  • SERVER-24428 WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.2.8

  • SERVER-24580 Improve performance when WiredTiger cache is full

  • WT-2646 Split the lock_wait flag into two, adding a checkpoint_wait flag

  • WT-2672 Handle system calls that don’t set errno

  • WT-2696 Race condition on unclean shutdown may miss log records with large updates

  • WT-2702 Under high thread load, WiredTiger exceeds cache size

  • WT-2706 Race condition on log file switch can cause missing log records

  • WT-2708 split child-update race with reconciliation/eviction

  • WT-2729 Focus eviction walks in largest trees


  • SERVER-24301 Increase max mmapv1 journal size in debug builds to 1GB


SERVER-23126 Mongo shell segfaults

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-7285 Support systemd in future compatible distributions

  • SERVER-18329 Add Debian 8 (Jessie) builds and associated package repository

  • SERVER-20183 make mongo-tools a module in the evergreen configuration

  • SERVER-21977 Make evergreen patch builds have unique version/githash

  • SERVER-24555 compilation db scons tool is not compatible with scons 2.4.x

  • SERVER-24588 conf.Finish() is missing in src/third_party/wiredtiger/SConscript


  • TOOLS-588 Mongostat with discover can find the same node twice in a sharded cluster

  • TOOLS-601 mongostat –discover does not alias localhost to the target hostname

  • TOOLS-690 mongoimport returns exit code 0 even when error prevents records from being inserted

  • TOOLS-715 Wrong error message while using mongoimport

  • TOOLS-1034 add a “–assertExists” option to mongoexport

  • TOOLS-1274 Use v3.2.7 for qa tests

  • TOOLS-1299 mongoimport types jstest fails on functions


  • SERVER-22204 Tests should lower WT cache size

  • SERVER-23686 auto2.js - fatal assertion 28735 ShutdownInProgress

  • SERVER-23741 Replace runMongoProgram(<mongo tool>, …) calls with MongoRunner.runMongoTool(<mongo tool>, {…})

  • SERVER-23742 Fix or remove version checking in MongoRunner.runMongoTool()

  • SERVER-24201 jsTest.authenticateNodes doesn’t handle temp network errors

  • SERVER-24211 Addition of oom killed processes to the system logs tab

  • SERVER-24224 Print -ulimit at the beginning of system logs

  • SERVER-24243 Turn on manifest in system_perf.yml, etc.

  • SERVER-24316 Extend lock manager unit-testing around lock mode conversion

  • SERVER-24409 Turn on dashboard data collection for 3.2 branch

  • SERVER-24456 Tests should lower RocksDB cache size

  • SERVER-24582 MongoDB secondary node crashes randomly when primary node is killed/dies

  • SERVER-24669 system_perf.yml: Use configuration files for mongodb_setup

  • SERVER-24711 ASIO connections that have already timed out before setup should not error

  • SERVER-24919 Perf.yml should consistently call pip install in venv

  • TOOLS-879 UTF-8 bom is not ignored in mongoimport

  • TOOLS-1082 mongorestore gives verbose error when dump directory doesn’t exist

  • TOOLS-1116 fix broken qa-tests-unstable

  • TOOLS-1180 Mongostat shouldn’t show 1g for netIn/netOut

  • TOOLS-1269 sharding/replication test cleanup failures

  • TOOLS-1300 vet task doesn’t actually fail if vet fails

  • TOOLS-1304 vet task running on unnecessary variants

3.2.7 Changelog


SERVER-23570 Make SecureAllocator a real allocator


  • SERVER-23428 If mongos tells a shard about a CSRS config server string (via SSV), the shard should switch to CSRS mode

  • SERVER-23878 Exclude remove3.js from sharding_legacy_multiversion

  • SERVER-24084 Gracefully handle errors inside ReplicationCoordinatorExternalStateImpl::recoverShardingState

  • SERVER-24258 Remove assertion that shards haven’t switched to CSRS mode from csrs_upgrade_set_shard_version.js test

  • SERVER-24298 add ensurePrimaryShard to csrs_upgrade_mongod_using_movechunk.js


  • SERVER-23089 ensure first slave sync is interrupted, for repl5.js

  • SERVER-23919 Database/Collection drop during initial sync can cause collmod to fail initial sync

  • SERVER-24004 move serverStatus() into try…catch in reconfig_without_increased_queues.js

  • SERVER-24280 Starting from 3.2.5 if bind_ip is set to it will end up in the replica set config if rs.initiate() is executed with no arguments


SERVER-23585 CanonicalQuery doesn’t outlive QuerySolutions in QueryPlannerTest fixture


  • SERVER-23116 Add versioning scheme to the KVCatalog to handle upgrade/downgrade with new 3.4 features

  • SERVER-23117 Remove path-level multikey information from KVCatalog when downgrading to 3.2

  • SERVER-23960 Improve log message on 3.2 when downgrading from 3.3+ after creating new WT index

  • SERVER-24313 Not all callers of KVCatalog::FeatureTracker::getInfo() acquire resource lock when necessary


  • SERVER-23982 WiredTiger now needs stdbool.h

  • SERVER-24306 40-second journaling stall from “log files prepared” to checkpoint


Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-23043 Community and Enterprise builds on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

  • SERVER-23557 save and publish debug symbols for missing platforms when possible.

  • SERVER-23697 Release shell as separate download

  • SERVER-24117 Mongo binaries ELF stack has become executable

  • SERVER-24185 Enable read-only relocations

  • SERVER-24240 Ubuntu 16.04 on the v3.2 branch needs to compile with the v2 toolchain


TOOLS-1166 Mongotop cannot connect to secondary in 3.2


  • SERVER-22198 resmoke.py should obey order of tests specified via command line

  • SERVER-22914 mongos_no_replica_set_refresh.js must always obtain config from the primary node

  • SERVER-23125 Ownership semantics of MessageHandlers are broken

  • SERVER-23491 set_majority_read_and_write_concerns.js doesn’t work for updates

  • SERVER-23492 Add explicit execution mode serial to concurrency test suite

  • SERVER-23524 Compare version string in compile_expansions.yml to version string from MongoDB binary

  • SERVER-23867 system_perf.yml refactoring: clean up the script to deploy MongoDB perf test clusters

  • SERVER-23964 Clone all DP repos directly from Evergreen using modules

  • SERVER-23989 Disable the concurrency and fuzzer suites on the ephemeralForTest variant

  • SERVER-24022 Fix the test file path for DSI tests

  • SERVER-24050 Update perf.yml to create src directory for analysis phase.

  • SERVER-24058 Connection pool asio doesn’t honor setup timeouts

  • SERVER-24062 Native CA certificates don’t work with homebrew’s openssl

  • SERVER-24116 reverse indexes do not handle entries with leading null bytes

  • SERVER-24228 Change ycsb to YCSB in sytem_perf.yml and longevity.yml modules

  • TOOLS-1144 Create stable and unstable branches

  • TOOLS-1182 mongooplog should report the number of ops applied

3.2.6 Changelog


  • SERVER-23184 Reduce listCollections privileges

  • SERVER-23394 AuthorizationManager may deadlock while building role graph if profiling is enabled

  • SERVER-23591 Avoid using rawMongoProgramOutput() in js_protection.js and js_protection_roundtrip.js

  • SERVER-23838 Remove startup warnings for no access control and bind_ip


  • SERVER-23544 Race condition can allow using a SyncClusterConnection to talk to config servers even after swapping CatalogManager to CSRS mode

  • SERVER-23586 Increase timeouts in csrs upgrade tests to reduce flakiness

  • SERVER-23589 Run csrs upgrade tests serially to avoid overloading the test machine

  • SERVER-23704 shard_keycount.js does not invoke anonymous function

  • SERVER-23784 Don’t use 30 second network timeout on commands sent to shards through the ShardRegistry

  • SERVER-23796 Incorrect warning when using mongos with keyfile: Access control is not enabled for the database

  • SERVER-23858 server22767.js in noPassthrough suite is failing due to checking for wrong error code


  • SERVER-23775 oplog default size must be differently calculated for inMemory storage engine

  • SERVER-23828 replsets_priority1.js needs to wait for repl after elections


  • SERVER-7005 Documents containing keys with embedded null characters can be created

  • SERVER-23807 Updates should always throw WriteConflictException on unindexing


SERVER-23571 Make debug builds of SpiderMonkey distinct from –dbg in scons


  • SERVER-18844 Reacquire the snapshot after commit/abort

  • SERVER-21414 Add information to server status to tell if data is persisted to disk

  • SERVER-22970 Compound background Index contains mismatched index keys and documents

  • SERVER-23766 Remove beta startup warning for inMemory storage engine


  • SERVER-23504 Coverity analysis defect 98177: Resource leak

  • SERVER-23526 Replication relies on storage engines reporting a non-zero size for correctness

  • SERVER-23588 mongod with WiredTiger won’t start on Windows when built with –dbg=on –opt=off

  • SERVER-23682 WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.2.6


  • SERVER-22043 count helper doesn’t apply read preference

  • SERVER-23044 Fall back to system CA certs in the shell if CA file isn’t provided

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-23719 Control build verbosity via a VERBOSE variable rather than the –mute flag

  • SERVER-23804 Reduce num_jobs_available on ppc64le rhel builder


  • SERVER-23217 Hang in network_interface_asio_test

  • SERVER-23474 set a more reasonable –dialTimeout in runMongoTool

  • SERVER-23523 shell scripts in evergreen.yml should always exit on error

  • SERVER-23566 Update distros (AMI) for Evergreen performance projects

  • SERVER-23642 system_perf.yml refactoring

  • SERVER-23652 Add automatic generation of timeseries.py to system_perf.yml

  • SERVER-23655 Invalidate CollectionInfoCache when starting an index build

  • SERVER-23762 ValidateAdaptor::validate() should return non-OK status if it fails.

  • SERVER-23788 Disable sharding_csrs_upgrade on ppc64le

3.2.5 Changelog


SERVER-22708 Add exposure startup warnings


  • SERVER-17468 actionlog should not log every single balancer round

  • SERVER-21994 cleanup_orphaned_basic.js

  • SERVER-22081 Enable CSRS continuous stepdown workload in evergreen

  • SERVER-22151 Blacklist lagged_config_secondary.js and similar tests from the sharding_csrs_continuous_config_stepdown_WT suite

  • SERVER-22511 Blacklist sharding_rs1.js from CSRS continuous config primary step down suite because of config db writes without retry

  • SERVER-22725 prevent concurrent exitCleanly execution in mongos

  • SERVER-22767 mongos segfault when invoking .explain() on certain operations.

  • SERVER-22794 Add retry to continuous config primary step-down thread when primary steps down and closes all connections

  • SERVER-22918 SyncClusterConnection::_connect can leak DBClientConnections on failure

  • SERVER-22937 Retry catalog operations whenever possible

  • SERVER-23030 Increase number of iterations of aggregations performed in csrs_upgrade_during_agg.js

  • SERVER-23036 ShardRegistry accesses _configServerCS without locking mutex

  • SERVER-23283 RangeDeleter does not log cursor ids correctly in deleteNow()


  • SERVER-21863 map/reduce permits documents larger than 16MB to be inserted

  • SERVER-21975 test_command.js failed in replset

  • SERVER-22130 Reset applier lastAppliedOptime after rollback

  • SERVER-22504 Do not blindly add self to heartbeat member data array in the TopologyCoordinator

  • SERVER-22845 Do not busy loop on bgsync errors

  • SERVER-22873 disallow_adding_initialized_node2.js should handle heartbeat message set by liveness timeout

  • SERVER-22929 remove rollback4.js

  • SERVER-22933 Update last opTime to latest after applyOps no-op

  • SERVER-22934 add applyOps command opTime testing

  • SERVER-23003 Recovery problems after network partition.

  • SERVER-23086 avoid rollbacks in replsetprio1.js

  • SERVER-23274 Aggregate with out, then stepdown, out collection dropped.


  • SERVER-18468 Include query planning details on query log lines

  • SERVER-19936 Performance pass on unicode-aware text processing logic (text index v3)

  • SERVER-22945 Rewrite update_yield1.js to not depend heavily on timing

Write Operations

SERVER-22947 fix pessimizing move in batch_executor


SERVER-23097 Segfault on drop of source collection during MapReduce


SERVER-21681 In-memory storage engine not reporting index size


  • SERVER-22117 WiredTiger journal files not deleted/ Way too many journal files

  • SERVER-22791 Invariant failure when creating WT collection with crafted configString

  • SERVER-22831 Low query rate with heavy cache pressure and an idle collection

  • SERVER-22964 IX GlobalLock being held while wating for wt cache eviction


  • SERVER-22493 MongoRunner uses non-thread-safe function to find path to mongod

  • SERVER-23109 Typo in src/mongo/shell/collection.js

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-17563 GPerfTools does not build on PPC64 (Power8) platform

  • SERVER-21834 scons detection for ppc64le needs to change

  • SERVER-22090 ssl_cert_password.js must be disabled on ppc64

  • SERVER-22110 ppc64le builds should detect target arch as ppc64le, not ppc64

  • SERVER-22111 packager.py needs support for ppc64le

  • SERVER-22197 Only select tcmalloc as the default allocator on x86 platforms

  • SERVER-22313 ppc64le: go compiled programs should statically link with libgo

  • SERVER-22986 Linking against SSL3 OpenSSL symbols fails on Archlinux

  • SERVER-23088 boost 1.56 libstdc++ version detection is broken when compiling with clang

  • SERVER-23254 eslint.py returns 1 on successful patch lint instead of 0


  • SERVER-21529 Sign of log severity values may get lost, depending on compiler

  • SERVER-21836 Generate spidermonkey config for ppc64

  • SERVER-21843 secure_allocator_test fails on ppc64

  • SERVER-21844 processinfo_test fails on ppc64

  • SERVER-21845 ppc64 debug build fails

  • SERVER-21850 mmapv1 fails to start on ppc64

  • SERVER-22019 Checksum::gen should use signed char

  • SERVER-22067 artifacts.tgz should contain stripped tests before uploading

  • SERVER-22338 Integrate JavaScript linting into scons “lint” target

  • SERVER-22339 Integrate JavaScript formatting into scons “lint” target

  • SERVER-22391 Mongos 3.2.1 crashes after this error, failure _checkedOutPool.empty() src/mongo/executor/connection_pool.cpp 570

  • SERVER-22468 Format JS code with approved style in jstests/

  • SERVER-22469 Format JS code with approved style in src/mongo/shell & src/mongo/scripting

  • SERVER-22470 Format JS code with approved style in Enterprise repo

  • SERVER-22842 Support JavaScript style for clang-format

  • SERVER-22856 Cleanup pkill logic in etc/evergreen.yml

  • SERVER-22864 Fix minor javascript errors found by eslint in v3.2 branch

  • SERVER-22871 splitChunk needs to check for a failed index scan

  • SERVER-22894 Don’t use curl when downloading jstestfuzz

  • SERVER-22950 mongos shutdown is non-deterministic when the shutdown command is executed

  • SERVER-22967 race in destruction of user cache invalidation thread can cause use-after-free in MongoS shutdown

  • SERVER-22968 Add JS support in .clang-format in Enterprise repo

  • SERVER-23006 hang_analyzer should use GDB in the mongodb tool chain

  • SERVER-23007 hang_analyzer support on Solaris

  • SERVER-23016 Update .eslintrc.yml for newer versions of ESLint

  • SERVER-23018 Clean up JS linting errors in JS tests

  • SERVER-23019 Add .eslintrc.yml file to enterprise repo

  • SERVER-23020 Disable clang-formatting for template string in jstests/noPassthrough/update_yield1.js

  • SERVER-23023 Disable clang-format for function values in jstests/tool/csvexport1.js

  • SERVER-23066 killOp should accept negative opid

  • SERVER-23067 Final round of JS linting and formatting

  • SERVER-23190 Add build variant for rhel 7.1 on POWER to 3.2 branch

  • SERVER-23288 Update 3.2 branch mongo-perf to check against 3.0.9 baseline

  • TOOLS-1058 goconvey fails with gccgo

  • TOOLS-1064 mongoimport alwasy returns 0 imported documents when compiled with gccgo

3.2.4 Changelog


SERVER-22237 Built-in role that allows full control over data, but not security or topology


  • SERVER-21758 Test behavior when ‘nearest’ config server has severe replication lag

  • SERVER-22184 Operations that fail against a secondary in a sharded cluster may have their error message swallowed

  • SERVER-22239 wait for replication after duplicate key error from insert operations

  • SERVER-22297 Add targeted jstests for csrs upgrade during common operations

  • SERVER-22299 Add a jstest that runs moveChunk directly against a mongod that is not yet sharding aware, providing an SCCC connection string for the config servers

  • SERVER-22524 Only interrupt mapReduce on catalog manager swap if it is outputting to a sharded collection

  • SERVER-22543 multi_write_target.js should not rely on the order of shard ids

  • SERVER-22547 add support for config server ReplSetTest options to ShardingTest

  • SERVER-22553 mongos_shard_failure_tolerance.js should not rely on order of shard ids

  • SERVER-22569 Initialization of eooElement static local variable isn’t thread safe with MSVC 2013

  • SERVER-22584 Make sure IncompatibleCatalogManager errors fully propagate wherever thrown

  • SERVER-22585 CatalogManagerLegacy needs retry logic on config server reads

  • SERVER-22590 applyChunkOpsDeprecated retries and throws an error on preCondition no longer matching because the original write worked

  • SERVER-22592 Remove duplicate check for ‘enabled’ from ShardingState::_refreshMetadata

  • SERVER-22627 ShardRegistry should mark hosts which failed due to OperationTimeout as faulty

  • SERVER-22783 CSRS catalog manager writes should retry on WriteConcernFailed error

  • SERVER-22789 CSRS catalog manager writes should use writeConcern majority

  • SERVER-22797 Calls to ShardRegistry::reload needs to be serialized

  • SERVER-22822 Prevent mongod step down during moveChunk in balance_repl.js and sharding_rs2.js

  • SERVER-22849 Shard registry should update config last visible opTime even on command errors

  • SERVER-22859 SCCC config server reads need to specify slaveOk

  • SERVER-22862 Deadlock between ReplicaSetMonitor updating the connection string for a shard and reloading the ShardRegistry

  • SERVER-22863 sharding read_after_optime.js test timeout should exceed ping interval

  • SERVER-22878 rewrite checks in csrs_upgrade_mongod_using_movechunk.js after new assert.contains implementation

  • SERVER-22880 add requires_persistence tag to csrs_upgrade_mongod_using_movechunk.js


  • SERVER-21698 Add error-checking for isMaster() return values in jstests/libs/election_timing_test.js

  • SERVER-21972 improve naming of ReplicationCoordinator and TopologyCoordinator unittests

  • SERVER-22269 ReadConcern: majority does not reflect journaled state on PRIMARY

  • SERVER-22276 implement “j” flag in write concern apply to secondary as well as primary

  • SERVER-22277 test “j” flag in write concern apply to secondary as well as primary

  • SERVER-22287 Merging replica sets with replication protocol version 1 may result in two primaries

  • SERVER-22426 priority_takeover_one_node_higher_priority.js should call ReplSetTest.awaitReplication() before stepping primary down

  • SERVER-22428 Log read-after-optime timeouts

  • SERVER-22495 Running without journaling doesn’t set all OpTimes (lastDurableOpTime)

  • SERVER-22521 default timeout for ReplSetTest.initiate() from 60 seconds to 120 seconds should be longer to accommodate slow hosts

  • SERVER-22595 Reactivate rollback4.js

  • SERVER-22598 ensure all default write concern options use sync unset

  • SERVER-22617 SnapshotThread hits invariant due to reading oplog entries out of order

  • SERVER-22683 enableMajorityReadConcern option cannot be disabled if specified

  • SERVER-22728 if journaling is disabled, update durableOpTime when appliedOpTime updates

  • SERVER-22731 give correct error message when running initiate on a non-replset mongod


  • SERVER-22344 certain cursor options can trigger an invariant failure in GetMoreCmd

  • SERVER-22425 execStats in system.profile reports winning plan and rejected plans

  • SERVER-22532 $type with invalid integer type code fails with unhelpful message and leaks memory

  • SERVER-22626 fix $type unit tests on experimental decimal build

  • SERVER-22793 Unbounded memory usage by long-running query using projection


SERVER-22537 segfault running aggregation query


  • SERVER-9131 Ensure documents with code elements do not conflict with internal JS functions

  • SERVER-22587 Upgrade to spidermonkey 38.6.1esr


  • SERVER-21419 The ephemeralForTest storage engine should support the fsync command

  • SERVER-21924 Add log message for inMemory and ephemeralForTest storage engine

  • SERVER-22534 Change ephemeral storage to update durable OpTime


  • SERVER-22437 Coverity analysis defect 77704: Redundant test

  • SERVER-22438 Coverity analysis defect 77705: Dereference before null check

  • SERVER-22570 WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.2.4

  • SERVER-22691 Incorrect initialization order in WiredTigerKVEngine

  • SERVER-22898 High fragmentation on WiredTiger databases under write workloads


SERVER-22440 Shell incorrectly issues first query in legacy read mode

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-20930 RPM package overwrites /etc/sysconfig/mongod

  • SERVER-22003 inMemory windows build variant should be run less often


TOOLS-1043 mongorestore –noIndexRestore inhibits empty collection creation


  • SERVER-14501 De-inline ReplSettings class

  • SERVER-21881 dbhash checking in FSM framework doesn’t handle TTL deletes

  • SERVER-22101 Generate minidumps when the hang analyzer is triggered on Windows

  • SERVER-22231 Add additional test suites to run resmoke.py validation hook

  • SERVER-22292 Use more reliable mechanism in the mongo shell to wait for process to terminate on windows

  • SERVER-22314 Fix the detection of Python processes in the hang analyzer script

  • SERVER-22317 Make checkReplDBHash hook work with dbhash quirks on 3.2

  • SERVER-22332 Move the repl_write_threads_start_param.js JS test out of the jsCore suite

  • SERVER-22340 Fix JS lint errors in src/mongo/shell & src/mongo/scripting with ESLint –fix

  • SERVER-22341 Fix JS lint errors in jstests/ with ESLint –fix

  • SERVER-22342 Fix JS lint errors in the enterprise repo with ESLint –fix

  • SERVER-22479 upgrade_downgrade_mongod.js incorrectly checks if the TTL monitor has run

  • SERVER-22513 Don’t redirect jstestfuzz self-test’s stderr.

  • SERVER-22539 Add an ESLint configuration file

  • SERVER-22546 Enable more ESLint rules

  • SERVER-22559 Add –retry option to curl command in evergreen.yml

  • SERVER-22597 Fix minor javascript errors found by eslint

  • SERVER-22636 Disable jstestfuzz’s self-tests on Evergreen

  • SERVER-22641 Disable clang-format for template strings in JS code

  • SERVER-22732 assert.contains() has unreachable code after return

  • SERVER-22746 don’t run CheckReplDBHash on 3.2 on the config database

  • SERVER-22776 CheckReplDBHash hook should dump the oplog upon failure

  • SERVER-22806 CheckReplDBHash hook should fsync before doing await_repl

  • SERVER-22846 Add applyOps command to readConcern passthrough

  • SERVER-22850 Clean up additional javascript issues found by eslint

3.2.3 Changelog


  • SERVER-18671 SecondaryPreferred can end up using unversioned connections

  • SERVER-20030 ForwardingCatalogManager::shutdown races with _replaceCatalogManager

  • SERVER-20036 Add interruption points to operations that hold distributed locks for a long time

  • SERVER-20037 Transfer responsibility for the release of distributed locks to new catalog manager

  • SERVER-20290 Recipient shard for migration can continue on retrieving data even after donor shard aborts

  • SERVER-20418 Make sure mongod and mongos always start the distlock pinger when running in SCCC mode

  • SERVER-20422 setShardVersion configdb string mismatch during config rs upgrade

  • SERVER-20580 Failure in csrs_upgrade_during_migrate.js

  • SERVER-20694 user-initiated finds against the config servers can fail with “need to swap catalog manager” error

  • SERVER-21382 Sharding migration transfers all document deletions

  • SERVER-21789 mongos replica set monitor should choose primary based on (rs config version, electionId)

  • SERVER-21896 Chunk metadata will not get refreshed after shard is removed

  • SERVER-21906 Race in ShardRegistry::reload and config.shard update can cause shard not found error

  • SERVER-21956 applyOps does not correctly propagate operation cancellation exceptions

  • SERVER-21994 cleanup_orphaned_basic.js

  • SERVER-21995 Queries against sharded collections fail after upgrade to CSRS due to caching of config server string in setShardVersion

  • SERVER-22010 min_optime_recovery.js failure in the sharding continuous config stepdown suite

  • SERVER-22016 Fatal assertion 28723 trying to rollback applyOps on a CSRS config server

  • SERVER-22027 AsyncResultMerger should not retry killed operations

  • SERVER-22079 Make sharding_rs1.js more compact

  • SERVER-22112 Circular call dependency between CatalogManager and CatalogCache

  • SERVER-22113 Remove unused sharding-specific getLocsInRange code in dbhelpers

  • SERVER-22114 Mongos can accumulate multiple copies of ChunkManager when a shard restarts

  • SERVER-22169 Deadlock during CatalogManager swap from SCCC -> CSRS

  • SERVER-22232 Increase stability of csrs_upgrade_during_migrate.js test

  • SERVER-22247 Parsing old config.collection documents fails because of missing ‘lastmodEpoch’ field

  • SERVER-22249 stats.js - Not starting chunk migration because another migration is already in progress

  • SERVER-22270 applyOps to config rs does not wait for majority

  • SERVER-22303 Wait longer for initial sync to finish in csrs_upgrade_during_migrate.js


  • SERVER-21583 ApplyOps background index creation may deadlock

  • SERVER-21678 fromMigrate flag never set for deletes in oplog

  • SERVER-21744 Clients may fail to discover new primaries when clock skew between nodes is greater than electionTimeout

  • SERVER-21958 Eliminate unused flags from Cloner methods

  • SERVER-21988 Rollback does not wait for applier to finish before starting

  • SERVER-22109 Invariant failure when running applyOps to create an index with a bad ns field

  • SERVER-22152 priority_takeover_two_nodes_equal_priority.js fails if default priority node gets elected at beginning of test

  • SERVER-22190 electionTime field not set in heartbeat response from primary under protocol version 1

  • SERVER-22335 Do not prepare getmore when un-needed in bgsync fetcher

  • SERVER-22362 election_timing.js waits for wrong node to become primary

  • SERVER-22420 priority_takeover_two_nodes_equal_priority.js fails if existing primary’s step down period expires

  • SERVER-22456 The oplog find query timeout is too low


  • SERVER-17011 Cursor can return objects out of order if updated during query (“legacy” readMode only)

  • SERVER-18115 The planner can add an unnecessary in-memory sort stage for .min()/.max() queries

  • SERVER-20083 Add log statement at default log level for when an index filter is set or cleared successfully

  • SERVER-21776 Move per-operation log lines for queries out of the QUERY log component

  • SERVER-21869 Avoid wrapping of spherical queries in geo_full.js

  • SERVER-22002 Do not retry findAndModify operations on MMAPv1

  • SERVER-22100 memory pressure from find/getMore buffer preallocation causes concurrency suite slowness on Windows DEBUG

  • SERVER-22448 Query planner does not filter 2dsphere Index Version 3 correctly

Write Operations

  • SERVER-11983 Update on document without _id, in capped collection without _id index, creates an _id field

  • SERVER-21647 $rename changes field ordering


  • SERVER-21887 $sample takes disproportionately long time on newly created collection

  • SERVER-22048 Index access stats should be recorded for $match & mapReduce


SERVER-21528 Clean up core/capped6.js


  • SERVER-21388 Invariant Failure in CappedRecordStoreV1::cappedTruncateAfter

  • SERVER-22011 Direct writes to the local database can cause deadlock involving the WiredTiger write throttle

  • SERVER-22058 ‘not all control paths return a value’ warning in non-MMAP V1 implementations of ‘::writingPtr’

  • SERVER-22167 Failed to insert document larger than 256k

  • SERVER-22199 Collection drop command during checkpoint causes complete stall until end of checkpoint


  • SERVER-21833 Compact does not release space to the system with WiredTiger

  • SERVER-21944 WiredTiger changes for 3.2.3

  • SERVER-22064 Coverity analysis defect 77699: Unchecked return value

  • SERVER-22279 SubplanStage fails to register its MultiPlanStage


  • SERVER-21997 kill_cursors.js deadlocks

  • SERVER-22261 MMAPv1 LSNFile may be updated ahead of what is synced to data files


Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-21905 Can’t compile Mongo 3.2

  • SERVER-22042 If ssl libraries not present, configure fails with a misleading error about boost

  • SERVER-22350 Package generation failure doesn’t fail compile tasks


TOOLS-1039 mongoexport chokes on data with quotes


  • SERVER-12108 setup_multiversion_mongodb.py script should support downloading windows binaries

  • SERVER-20409 Negative scaling with more than 10K connections

  • SERVER-21035 Delete the disabled fsm_all_sharded.js test runner

  • SERVER-21050 Add a failover workload to cause CSRS config server primary failovers

  • SERVER-21309 Remove Install step from jstestfuzz in evergreen

  • SERVER-21421 Update concurrency suite’s ThreadManager constructor to provide default executionMode

  • SERVER-21499 Enable fsm_all_simultaneous.js (FSM parallel mode)

  • SERVER-21565 resmoke.py can not start replica sets with more than 7 nodes

  • SERVER-21597 Fix connPoolStats command to work with many TaskExecutor-NetworkInterface pairs

  • SERVER-21747 CheckReplDBHash should not print error message when the system collections differ in the presence of other errors

  • SERVER-21801 CheckReplDBHash testing hook should check document type (resmoke.py)

  • SERVER-21875 AttributeError in hang_analyzer.py when sending SIGKILL on Windows

  • SERVER-21892 Include thread ID in concurrency suite error report

  • SERVER-21894 Remove unused ‘hashed’ resmoke.py tags from JS tests

  • SERVER-21902 Use multiple shard nodes in the jstestfuzz_sharded suite

  • SERVER-21916 Add missing tasks/suites to ASan Evergreen variant

  • SERVER-21917 Add the httpinterface test suite to the Enterprise RHEL 6.2 variant

  • SERVER-21934 Add extra information to OSX stack traces to facilitate addr2line translation

  • SERVER-21940 Workload connection cache in FSM suite is not nulled out properly

  • SERVER-21949 Add validation testing hook to resmoke.py

  • SERVER-21952 jstestfuzz tasks should not run with –continueOnFailure

  • SERVER-21959 Do not truncate stack traces in log messages

  • SERVER-21960 Include symbol name in stacktrace json when available

  • SERVER-21964 Remove startPort option from ReplSetTest options in jstests/replsets/auth1.js

  • SERVER-21978 move_primary_basic.js should always set a fixed primary shard

  • SERVER-21990 Deprecation warning from resmoke.py - replicaset.py insert is deprecated

  • SERVER-22028 hang_analyzer should fail when run against unsupported lldb

  • SERVER-22034 Server presents clusterFile certificate for incoming connections

  • SERVER-22054 Authentication failure reports incorrect IP address

  • SERVER-22055 Cleanup unused legacy client functionality from the server code

  • SERVER-22059 Add the authSchemaUpgrade command to the readConcern passthrough

  • SERVER-22066 range_deleter_test:ImmediateDelete is flaky

  • SERVER-22083 Delete the disabled fsm_all_master_slave.js test runner

  • SERVER-22098 Split FSM sharded tests for SCCC into a separate suite

  • SERVER-22099 Remove unreliable check in cleanup_orphaned_basic.js

  • SERVER-22120 No data found after force sync in no_chaining.js

  • SERVER-22121 Add resmoke.py validation testing hook to test suites

  • SERVER-22142 resmoke.py’s FlushThread attempts to reference imported members during Python interpreter shutdown

  • SERVER-22154 csrs_upgrade.js, csrs_upgrade_during_migrate.js should be blacklisted on in-mem

  • SERVER-22165 Deadlock in resmoke.py between logger pipe and timer thread

  • SERVER-22171 The lint task is running on 3 Evergreen variants

  • SERVER-22219 Use the subprocess32 package on POSIX systems in resmoke.py if it’s available

  • SERVER-22324 Update findAndModify FSM workloads to handle not matching anything

  • TOOLS-1028 expose qr/qw and ar/aw fields in mongostat JSON output mode.

3.2.1 Changelog


  • SERVER-21724 Backup role can’t read system.profile

  • SERVER-21824 Disable kmip.js test in ESE suite; re-enable once fixed

  • SERVER-21890 Create a flag to allow server realm to be specified explicitly on Windows


  • SERVER-20824 Test for sharding state recovery

  • SERVER-21076 Write tests to ensure that operations using DBDirectClient handle shard versioning properly

  • SERVER-21132 Add more basic tests for moveChunk

  • SERVER-21133 Add more basic test for mergeChunk

  • SERVER-21134 Add more basic tests for shardCollection

  • SERVER-21135 Add more basic tests for sharded implicit database creation

  • SERVER-21136 Add more basic tests for enableSharding

  • SERVER-21137 Add more basic tests for movePrimary

  • SERVER-21138 Add more basic tests for dropDatabase

  • SERVER-21139 Add more basic tests for drop collection

  • SERVER-21366 Long-running transactions in MigrateStatus::apply

  • SERVER-21586 Investigate v3.0 mongos and v3.2 cluster compatibility issues in jstests/sharding

  • SERVER-21704 JS Test single_node_config_server_smoke has race condition

  • SERVER-21706 Certain parameters to mapReduce trigger segmentation fault in a sharded cluster

  • SERVER-21786 Fix code coverage gaps in s/query directory exposed by code coverage tool

  • SERVER-21848 bulk write operations on config/admin triggers invariant failure


  • SERVER-21248 jstests for fast-failover correctness

  • SERVER-21667 do not set lastop on clients used by replication on secondaries

  • SERVER-21795 Do not reschedule more than one liveness timeout callback at a time

  • SERVER-21847 log range of operations read from sync source during replication

  • SERVER-21868 Shutdown may not be handled correctly on secondary nodes

  • SERVER-21930 Restart oplog query if oplog entries are not monotonically increasing


  • SERVER-21600 Increase test coverage for killCursors command and OP_KILLCURSORS

  • SERVER-21602 Reduce execution time of cursor_timeout.js

  • SERVER-21637 Add mixed version tests for find/getMore commands

  • SERVER-21638 Audit and improve logging in new find/getMore commands code

  • SERVER-21750 getMore command does not set “nreturned” operation counter


  • SERVER-21384 Expand testing for in memory storage engines

  • SERVER-21545 collMod and invalid parameter triggers fassert on dropCollection on mmapv1

  • SERVER-21885 capped_truncate.js cannot be run with –repeat

  • SERVER-21920 Use enhanced WiredTiger next_random cursors for oplog stones


  • SERVER-21792 75% performance regression in insert workload under Windows between 3.0.7 and 3.2 with WiredTiger

  • SERVER-21872 WiredTiger changes for 3.2.1


SERVER-21870 Missing space in error message

Build and Packaging

  • SERVER-13370 Generate Enterprise RPM’s for Amazon Linux

  • SERVER-21781 Nightly packages are in the wrong repo directories

  • SERVER-21796 fix startup_log.js test to handle git describe versioning

  • SERVER-21864 streamline artifact signing procedure to support coherent release process


  • TOOLS-954 Add bypassDocumentValidation option to mongorestore and mongoimport

  • TOOLS-982 Missing “from” text in mongorestore status message


  • SERVER-21164 Change assert to throw in rslib.js’s wait loop

  • SERVER-21214 Dump config server data when the sharded concurrency suites fail

  • SERVER-21426 Add writeConcern support to benchRun

  • SERVER-21450 Modify MongoRunner to add enableMajorityReadConcern flag based on jsTestOptions

  • SERVER-21500 Include the name of the FSM workload in the WorkloadFailure description

  • SERVER-21516 Remove dbStats command from readConcern testing override

  • SERVER-21665 Suppress tar output in jstestfuzz tasks

  • SERVER-21714 Increase replSetTest.initiate() timeout for FSM tests

  • SERVER-21719 Add initiateTimeout rsOption for ShardingTest

  • SERVER-21725 Enable the analysis script move

  • SERVER-21737 remove deprecated release process configuration from master branch evergreen configuration

  • SERVER-21752 slow2_wt fails by exhausting host machine’s memory

  • SERVER-21768 Remove the ‘numCollections’ field from dbHash’s response

  • SERVER-21772 findAndModify not captured by Profiler

  • SERVER-21793 create v3.2 branch and update evergreen configuration

  • SERVER-21849 Fix timestamp compare in min_optime_recovery.js

  • SERVER-21852 kill_cursors.js fails in small_oplog* configurations

  • SERVER-21871 Do not run min_optime_recovery.js on ephemeralForTest storageEngine

  • SERVER-21901 CheckReplDBHash checks the wrong node when dumping docs from missing collections

  • SERVER-21923 ReplSetTest.awaitSecondaryNodes does not propagate supplied timeout

  • TOOLS-944 write concern mongos tests are flaky

  • TOOLS-1002 oplog_rollover test is flaky