19.18. Short Options

For convenience there are also single letter command-line option switches available for some parameters. They are described in Table 19.2. Some of these options exist for historical reasons, and their presence as a single-letter option does not necessarily indicate an endorsement to use the option heavily.

Table 19.2. Short Option Key

Short Option Equivalent
-B x shared_buffers = x
-d x log_min_messages = DEBUGx
-e datestyle = euro
-fb, -fh, -fi, -fm, -fn, -fo, -fs, -ft enable_bitmapscan = off, enable_hashjoin = off, enable_indexscan = off, enable_mergejoin = off, enable_nestloop = off, enable_indexonlyscan = off, enable_seqscan = off, enable_tidscan = off
-F fsync = off
-h x listen_addresses = x
-i listen_addresses = '*'
-k x unix_socket_directories = x
-l ssl = on
-N x max_connections = x
-O allow_system_table_mods = on
-p x port = x
-P ignore_system_indexes = on
-s log_statement_stats = on
-S x work_mem = x
-tpa, -tpl, -te log_parser_stats = on, log_planner_stats = on, log_executor_stats = on
-W x post_auth_delay = x