99. Migrations

For up to date migration guides please visit the project’s wiki page .

This section covers migrating from one version of Spring Cloud Contract Verifier to the next version. It covers the following versions upgrade paths:

99.1 1.0.x → 1.1.x

This section covers upgrading from version 1.0 to version 1.1.

99.1.1 New structure of generated stubs

In 1.1.x we have introduced a change to the structure of generated stubs. If you have been using the @AutoConfigureWireMock notation to use the stubs from the classpath, it no longer works. The following example shows how the @AutoConfigureWireMock notation used to work:

@AutoConfigureWireMock(stubs = "classpath:/customer-stubs/mappings", port = 8084)

You must either change the location of the stubs to: classpath:…/META-INF/groupId/artifactId/version/mappings or use the new classpath-based @AutoConfigureStubRunner , as shown in the following example:

@AutoConfigureWireMock(stubs = "classpath:customer-stubs/META-INF/travel.components/customer-contract/1.0.2-SNAPSHOT/mappings/", port = 8084)

If you do not want to use @AutoConfigureStubRunner and you want to remain with the old structure, set your plugin tasks accordingly. The following example would work for the structure presented in the previous snippet.


<!-- start of pom.xml -->

    <!-- we don't want the verifier to do a jar for us -->

<!-- ... -->

<!-- You need to set up the assembly plugin -->
<!-- end of pom.xml -->

<!-- start of stub.xml-->

	xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-assembly-plugin/assembly/1.1.3 http://maven.apache.org/xsd/assembly-1.1.3.xsd">

<!-- end of stub.xml-->


task copyStubs(type: Copy, dependsOn: 'generateWireMockClientStubs') {
//    Preserve directory structure from 1.0.X of spring-cloud-contract
    from "${project.buildDir}/resources/main/customer-stubs/META-INF/${project.group}/${project.name}/${project.version}"
    into "${project.buildDir}/resources/main/customer-stubs"

99.2 1.1.x → 1.2.x

This section covers upgrading from version 1.1 to version 1.2.

99.2.1 Custom HttpServerStub

HttpServerStub includes a method that was not in version 1.1. The method is String registeredMappings() If you have classes that implement HttpServerStub , you now have to implement the registeredMappings() method. It should return a String representing all mappings available in a single HttpServerStub .

See issue 355 for more detail.

99.2.2 New packages for generated tests

The flow for setting the generated tests package name will look like this:

  • Set basePackageForTests

  • If basePackageForTests was not set, pick the package from baseClassForTests

  • If baseClassForTests was not set, pick packageWithBaseClasses

  • If nothing got set, pick the default value: org.springframework.cloud.contract.verifier.tests

See issue 260 for more detail.

99.2.3 New Methods in TemplateProcessor

In order to add support for fromRequest.path , the following methods had to be added to the TemplateProcessor interface:

  • path()

  • path(int index)

See issue 388 for more detail.

99.2.4 RestAssured 3.0

Rest Assured, used in the generated test classes, got bumped to 3.0 . If you manually set versions of Spring Cloud Contract and the release train you might see the following exception:

Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:testCompile (default-testCompile) on project some-project: Compilation failure: Compilation failure:
[ERROR] /some/path/SomeClass.java:[4,39] package com.jayway.restassured.response does not exist

This exception will occur due to the fact that the tests got generated with an old version of plugin and at test execution time you have an incompatible version of the release train (and vice versa).

Done via issue 267

99.3 1.2.x → 2.0.x

99.3.1 No Camel support

We will add back Apache Camel support only after this issue gets fixed